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  1. Spoof videos of your town

    HAd this e-mailed to me today someone locally has done a video about my town, i watched it and was pissi*g myself with laughter but also thought how true it was Kernow King's Cornwall - Episode3 : Camborne - YouTube Anybody got any video's of there town which are comical and worth watching
  2. New boy from Kernow

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, Just joined the forum after buying an XR250 on monday, It's too tall for me and I have done next to zero off road riding. Should be fun Cheers Luke
  3. Hello from Kernow...

    Just checking in for the first time with a couple of pictures of my TA resting after another day churning up the muddy lanes of Cornwall. I use the bike for work, fun, trips and everything in between. It's my first Honda after years of BMWs and Triumphs and I wish I'd discovered TAs years ago...