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  1. Well, then

    New 'kettle' GSA. Apparently it can take 5 kg more weight on the back compared to the old 1200 GSA. Should be good for Pete. :mrgreen:
  2. Pot, kettle, black.

    Whilst reading the Evening Standard I came across an article about a couple who had run up a rather large bill in a restaurant and then whilst pretending to be smoking outside, had run off without paying. The bill for dinner came to £586 including service of about £70! The owner complained that...
  3. Kettle Chips.....Mango Chilli flavour

    Wow WOW WOWEE HOT HOT HOT Good job I`ve got a 3 litre box of Weston`s Cider to wash them down with. Enjoy work,the rest of you.... :teeth: