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  1. Africa Twin
    hi lads got a leak on the water pump casing and what i need to no is if i take the water pump off do i need to drain the oil and is it a hard job to do.... also could the casing be alloy welded along the hairline crack... or has anyone got a quick guide in stages to taking the water pump off...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    HI GUYS looking for a set of crash bars for my BMW R850R (s reg ) if anyone has a set for sale, also a screen .....there is nothing on ebay....thanks kevin
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    HI Kevin. Great to meet you again at the Stella. :thumbup: You have gone quiet; are you OK? And for Kevin and anyone else... have a look at {edit Boris. Cant find any websites that match your addresses but here is some info about the place}...
  4. Transalp
    I think my my old 'Alp is quite good lookin'....More than the later one anyway. :D But I think that the single square headlight and front mudguard let it down....:confused: Anyone modded that nose to something similar to an @ or know anything about it ?... Thanks Kevin :)
  5. Bike Comms & Audio
    Hello everyone...I've just ordered these. Cobra MT800's These come with a basic headset ..earbud?......will this be OK on...
  6. Transalp
    Replaced the tyres today...... Before I could fit the rear wheel back on...The bike FELL OVER !!!! :angry1: All the bits I'd carefully lined up went up in the air !!!! QUESTION: There's a little "U" shaped spacer that came from the right hand side of the axle where the nut goes on...
  7. Transalp
    Morning All, Should my brake light work from the front brake on my '92 600... I can hear switch clicking and it's working OK on the back. Common fault?? Thanks Kevin :icon_smile:
  8. Transalp
    Hey Everyboby... Just had the front end in bits to fix the speedo drive and replace gaitors. Thought I'd check the brakes as i suspect one of the pistons may be seized.... I cannot for the life of me undo the bloody screws holding the pins in although the pads are fairly new so it's not...
  9. Mechanical Advice
    Hello Peeps, I'm in the garage tying to get my 'Alps front wheel in the air as my speedo has packed up (no warning--just stopped). Anyway I don't have a centre stand so I'm thinking to support it on a short thick plank (:) ) jacked up to rest on axle stands. QUESTION: Will the lugs for...
  10. Dominator / FMX
    Hi can anyone direct me to a supplier of decals for a 1991 dominator, I have checked with Honda but would require a bank loan to cover the cost, I need the word "Dominator" which is across the tank and fairing, it was white with a black shadow/edge. Thanks Kevin
  11. Dominator / FMX
    Hi people. I own a 1991 NX650/dominator which had been rebuilt with piston,rebore valve rockers, timing chain, rocker guides and clutch. it runs good except when in 3rd,4th or 5th and engine speed under under 3000rpm it hunts/judders, the engine seems firm in the frame, chain and sprocket are ok...
  12. Transalp
    I'm spending far too much time looking at a computer screen for rack plates and crash bars and centre stands etc for my 'Alp. Are there any SHOPS in my part of the world where I can see these things in the 'flesh' ...........a radical concept I know. Thanks Kevin. I cant get the smilies to...
  13. Mechanical Advice
    Mornin' All, can I use your experience to glean a bit of info........ Would this..... Fit this..... I hope this works. Sorry about the links but a picture paints a thousand...
  14. Transalp
    I want to get some crash bars for my 1992 XL600V (PD06...whatever that means), but I cant seem to find pictures of all the different types. Help please. Recommendations? Thanks Kevin:confused4:
  15. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Being new to bikes, and reluctant in this case to learn by trial and error (too painful!) I decided to invest in some "advanced" training. After looking at what was available I settled on Survival Skills who are based in Maidstone, Kent. It's a one-man-band, run by a guy called Kevin Williams...
1-15 of 20 Results