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  1. For Sale: Khyam biker tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bought off vader, used with a tiny pin hole in porch, comes with groundsheet and a load of (bent) pegs (!) used for Italy trip - not tall enough for me. Easy to put up and take down. £40? Collection from hastings or London
  2. Khyam Biker - Pole splitting!

    I have now had 3 of the original poles for the porch split or crack and need replacing now, the tent is not that old and is looked after.. Anyone else having this problem? I think I have seen mentioned somewhere else too... I have used up my pole repair kit and looks like I will need a complete...
  3. Wanted: Khyam Biker spares

    For Sale / Wanted
    Has anyone got a spare porch tent pole section that they could sell me please? I had forgotten I needed to fix my tent and am reluctant to pay the 16 quid for 3 off ebay as Tentspares are out of stock who do a complete assembly for the same money! ;)
  4. For Sale: Khyam Biker, with ground sheet

    For Sale / Wanted
    Will have it with me (spare) at the National if anyone wants it.
  5. Tent repair kit...

    Was just sorting through my gear for the national next weekend, put the tent up to see if all was well and noticed a very small hole. It's nothing too bad but could let water in, i did get a repair kit with it (Khyam Highlander) but of course it's fekkin disappeared. Iv'e searched for kits and...
  6. Wanted: Khyam Biker groundsheet

    For Sale / Wanted
    I forgot to order one when I purchased the Biker to replace my old igloo that I killed in Scotland. Anyone got one that is no longer needed before I get a new one? I do have a bit of groundsheet, but the pukka ones are good and fit just so, I find.
  7. Khyam Biker Quick Erect Tent

    Product Reviews
    I haven't seen a review for the Khyam Biker Tent and as lots of us have them thought it was worthy of a review. Most of the Khyam range tend to be quick erect (ooo errr misses) and you can get them up in around 5 mins or so with practice. This is very useful when it's chuking it down with rain...
  8. Khyam Biker tent questions

    Hi there, A question for those among you who own a Khyam biker tent. Just got mine in the post yesterday and set it up in the living room last night (it's not quite big enough, the living room that is!). My it's big! It's a lot bigger than I expected it to be, but that's great! My question...
  9. Khyam Biker Tents - £129

    Discounts / Deals
    I have been able to find five Khyam Biker tents for £129 each. There will be some postage on top but it still looks a good price. Please sign up if you are interested in the thread on tents
  10. Khyam Eiger Qe Tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    khyam eiger, with the viagra(quick erect) pop up poles. less than a year old, used 4 times and always on a tarp so its in excellent condition. carefully rinsed off and allowed to dry after every use. all zips, guys, poles, eyes etc are fine. if you want details look on and look...
  11. Cheap...ish Khyam Tents

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Just purchased a 2007 model tent from these folks, good prices I reckon. They also have an eBay presence if you prefer to use Paypal.
  12. KHYAM BIKER TENT quick erect

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello all im selling my tent its a 2/3 man quick erect Khyam Biker in excellent condition and erects in 1 min this is the make of tent used by many Paris Dakar race teams and is a quality product especialy designed for bikers it has a large porch to store all your gear or cook in if weather is...
  13. Khyam McKinley Tent info.

    Hi all. We're looking for a new tent this year as our old Vaude is about shot. We're looking at Khyams and fancy the extra room in a McKinley over the Biker but their stated pack size of 84cm long is a tad much for how I want to stash it. Could anyone tell me if that is the length of the poles...
  14. Khyam Biker Tent How much are they?

  15. Khyam Biker Tent How much are they?

    Mechanical Advice
    Been looking for a new tent since i do not want to drag this massive one around anymore.The Camping/outdoor shop near me is selling the Khyam for £125. Must say quite fancy that one.Has anyone seen one cheaper or is this the going rate. Next question would be. With tent,sleepingmats do you best...