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  1. XL600 master cylinders - is there more than one size?

    XL Technical Specs
    Hi guys, Front brake on my 1985 XL600 was getting spongy so after trying the obvious brake bleed I've order a kit online to do the master cylinder, but it's about 1mm too small in the old diameter measurements. I then ordered a second kit (from a different place) and was sent the same kit. The...
  2. Wanted: honda xr 250 kick start idler gear

    For Sale / Wanted
    wanted asap xr 250 kickstart idler gear must be 24 teeth 68mm in diameter with a 20mm hole or the shat and 10mm thick ive bought several rom ebay to no avail please please help me
  3. New Influx Magazine - Scooter Mania and Teenage Kicks

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to drop in and let you know about the new edition of Influx Magazine. This month we’ve been chatting with veterans of the scooter scene, we headed to the coast to shoot scooters by the seaside, and we’ve been looking back at the post-war history of scootering and...
  4. Honda mtx 125 running problems...

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi guys, . Have brought myself a 1993 mtx 125, im using it for a little commuting and green lanes. Having loads of fun on it but a few annoying issues have popped up. Firstly, it kicks over and starts well. But then dies off and stops shortly after starting and once this has happened she's a pig...
  5. engine number query nx650 Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi people. looking for some clarification on my 88 Dominator It has untouched and original numbers ,However I have looked at the engine number list as posted on the site my engine number is 2000012 is there any way to confirm the engine number.? it still has the kickstart fitted ,engine runs...
  6. For Sale: 2014 SR400 Yamaha for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I am selling my SR as I can no longer kickstart it due to problems with my knee. In brief; 13000 miles, mechanically perfect but showing some need for cleaning due to riding through last winter. On trail tyres. Still in warranty and no mot needed until May 2017. Happy to email piccies. Bike...
  7. HONDA XL 250R 1986. MD11: Broken kickstart

    Hello All, This is a new member here to ask for advice. Sadly, am unable to offer advice as the bike is my son's and I've just started taking an interest. Hope that's OK. The kickstart broke recently and it seems difficult to find a replacement outside the USA and for big bucks. I don't have...
  8. Just saying hello

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all I've been riding bikes over 40 years and have had a very strange assortment in that time including CZs, MZs, Royal Enfield, BMWs, a few British bikes and 3 or 4 Japanese thumpers. I've just bought a 1999 SLR650 to replace my Yamaha SR400 as it is kickstart only and hurts my knee too much...
  9. winter is hear

    last Sunday I went for a good long spin on the bike 245 miles done me the world of good it did . today its even too cold wet and miserable to go in the car not that I would be bothered going joy riding in a car be perished to death by the time the heater kicks in . today is the first day...
  10. Kickstarter?

    Dominator / FMX
    Is it possible to fit the Kickstarter from an early NX onto an FX/SLR? It looks like a change of clutch cover is all that's needed, along with the kickstarter shaft and its associated gubbins.
  11. Hello there.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi I'm back on the forum after selling my xr 650 a few years ago. I'm now the owner of a dommie 650. 1990 One owner from new and just under 7000 on the clock. It hasn't been run for a while so i replaced the dead battery checked oil and filled with fresh fuel and turned it over on the...
  12. Can't get XR started!

    Hey guys, I bought a 2000 XR400 a few weeks ago and always had difficulty starting it, it would take me a good few minutes to get it going and once running it seemed to run fine. I've since checked all the valve clearances (3 were in spec but 1 of the exhaust valves was really loose so have...
  13. Can you fit a kickstart to any NX650?

    Dominator / FMX
    I have sold my Dominator but still have a few engine parts left. One set I thought might be useful is a complete engine side casing, kickstart drive and kickstart for someone who wants to convert their NX650 without a kickstart to one that has it. I'm pretty sure that the engine cases will fit...
  14. 125 rattle once warmed up

    Hi all! Not the first post I'd hoped to start with, but still :) I've had my 2008 125 Varadero for a couple of years without issue, recently though if the engine heats up, it'll get a hideous sounding rattle at around 2k-4k revs. The rattle doesn't seem to be a rhythmic ticking, it literally...
  15. Engine heating up too much?

    Africa Twin
    Hey, The troubles (or at least what seems to be like one) after my Reg/Rec cooked itself and my battery seem to continue. After I changed the RR, fuel pump for Facet one (and now try to fix the lazy tacho), it looks to me as if also the engine is now much hotter than before. I compare...
  16. xl600 kickstart

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi is the kick start on an xl 600 the same as on an early nx650 dominator, are the internal fittings compatible with the dommie I have a spare xl600 crankcase cover I was wandering could it be an easy fit?
  17. Kickstarter Campaign - Programmable XR650L/XR650R CDIs and Bluetooth iOS/Android App

    XR Essentially it's a direct swap for the OEM unit and you control your ignition timing curve via Bluetooth and iPhone/Android apps. It's useful if your engine is modified or for running the E10 fuel...
  18. i thought dommies were "old school"

    Dominator / FMX
    seems a bit OTT for a dominator but i suppose it would be cool to play around with the mapping. (until it blows up)
  19. Dimming and flickering lights on revving xl650v2

    Hi peeps, anyone help me out. I have an issue with my transalp where when I rev the lights dim and at idle they flicker. I have (today) a brand new battery and rr. my stator kicks out 50+acv at 5000rpm. my dc volts across battery also drop when revving. have tried to find any shorts etc but to...
  20. XL650 v2

    Hi peeps, anyone help me out. I have an issue with my transalp where when I rev the lights dim and at idle they flicker. I have (today) a brand new battery and rr. my stator kicks out 50+acv at 5000rpm. my dc volts across battery also drop when revving. have tried to find any shorts etc but to...