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  1. Man down. Takoda Paul!

    From ABR this evening. I know many of you on here will know Paul Holroyd. Owner of Takoda campsite @ Kirkby Stephen. Last Sunday he was doing his job as a Highways agency officer protecting people on the M6 when an out of control car hit him and his colegue at the scene of an accident. Paul...
  2. Service manual for SLR - where?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys. I swapped my old CB550 café racer for a SLR650 today. I like the ride so far, the CB killed my back at long trips, so its nice to sit upwards again. :) I'll have to fix the fork seals since it's leaking oil, but maybe there is more than that, and therefore I would loooove to have...
  3. Flux Rescue, Breakdown Insurance. Any good??

    I have received a pretty competitive quote for my 2 Honda's from Bikesure aka Adrian Flux, including Euro breakdown cover. Any comments or experiences on the quality and level of cover offered by this Breakdown add-on please?? Carole Nash breakdown was 100% when I killed a front wheel "near"...
  4. Honda's hidden messages

    i just found out a couple of days ago while looking into Cbr 600's. (again!) i have owned three in the past but i have never heard of honda's message stamped inside the front nose fairing dedicated to two "developers" killed while testing and photographing the cbr F4. does anyone else know of...
  5. Oh dear, think I killed my Motobatt :(

    Africa Twin
    Running it with the fecked OEM RR, now it'll charge on Optimate for a half hour, then red lights. Managed to get it up to 12v, next day down to under 11, yesterday down to 9 ish. Lasted no more than 15 mins when put back on the AT. Oh well, I'll most probably buy another one as it's been so...
  6. Whats a bikers life worth ???????

    AN 18 MTH COMMUNITY ORDER, SO IT SEEMS Pensioner admits causing collision which killed Camborne motorcyclist Michael Harrison | West Briton Where's the justice??????????????????
  7. Possibly Killed Front Brakes?

    MACHANICAL ADVICE PLEASE: Front brake calliper was sticking so took it off to clean the pistons by pumping them out just far enough to cleaner. One piston has jammed out and wouldn’t budge so though I’d bleed it to release some pressure but that didn’t work so took the brake line off...
  8. Heidenau K60 Scouts / link to Germany Company

    Africa Twin
    As ive killed mine now with a little over 10,000 miles on them its about time i got some more as the old girl is shaking her arse a bit and thats not the wife ;) The last pair i got from Germany was about £40 cheaper than here in good old blighty ;) Anyway here is the link /...
  9. What an utter [email protected]!

    'Health and safety executive knocked girl, 16, off her moped and drove away leaving her to be killed by minibus' | Mail Online Please let him go down and his cellmate be Big Bubba Rogers who's been lonely for a long time... Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for...
  10. The Daft Yanks are at it again

    Be intersting to see who gets blammed for it this time, or what type of music or what video game he / she was playing at the time. Why do the let americans loose with weapons, it like asking McDonalds to look after your cow you know it's not going to end well. I'd like to know the full story...
  11. Music lovers rejoice, Space Rock is alive and kicking.

    The spirit of Hawkwind* has been resurrected Maaaan. New album by Hookworms, Pearl Mystic. I heard a song on Radio 6. Took a chance on the album. Droney sounds guitars and the fatlad can sing and scream. Fabulous, play it loud and be killed by your neighbours. Hookworms - 'Preservation' (Live) -...
  12. Racing on the public highway

    Tragic loss of life but really is there any place for holding races on open roads? BBC News - Cyclist Junior Heffernan killed in Severn Bridge race crash
  13. Driving bans

    What's the longest driving ban that you've come across? I certainly don't recall any long driving bans being handed out in the UK. Well, one young lad that lost control of his car and killed a 15 year old girl, who was a passenger in the back seat, has been given a 3 year sentence and a 20 year...
  14. RIP kevin ash

    just heard kevin ash has been killed in a bike accident,terrible news MCN columnist Kevin Ash dies - | Motorcycle News | Bike News | Motorbike Videos | MCN
  15. R.I.P JCO

    Yesterday Jean-Claude Olivier (Sonauto Yamaha) was killed in a collission between a Truck and his Car in/near Paris. A Man for whom motorcycles and Motorcycle Sport was his Passion and his Career. A great loss for his Family, Yamaha and the Dakar Rally. Au Revoir JC. History of this Great Mans...
  16. 8 years for this?

    Drunk asylum seeker who killed model, 20, in head on crash as he drove wrong way down motorway is jailed for eight years | Mail Online What a ****ing joke! Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  17. Vara Comfort

    Just back from the national circa 425 mile each way and both times me as3 killed me. I have an air hawk and at points not only was the rear sore it felt like it was crushing the crown jewels in a non pleasant way... Coming back up the road at about 210 miles I took the air hawk off, the loss...
  18. Wanted: Scottoiler Reservoir Metering Valve (thats the thing that you fill up)

    For Sale / Wanted
    ALL SORTED NOW Scottoiler Reservoir Metering Valve (Move along, nothing to see here) All sorted now, I've just ordered a Brand new one Anyone got a spare Scottoiler RMV for sale, I've just killed mine through mounting in a clumsy manner...
  19. Wanted: Scottoiler Reservoir Metering Valve (thats the thing that you fill up)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    All sorted out now, I've just ordered a brand spanking new one Anyone got a spare Scottoiler RMV for sale, I've just killed mine through mounting in a clumsy manner! Willing to pay so if you've got one that you've had in a box for a while then flog it to me before I'm tempted to buy a new...
  20. Wanted: Khyam Biker groundsheet

    For Sale / Wanted
    I forgot to order one when I purchased the Biker to replace my old igloo that I killed in Scotland. Anyone got one that is no longer needed before I get a new one? I do have a bit of groundsheet, but the pukka ones are good and fit just so, I find.