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  1. Varadero
    Can you fit a mosfet ref/rec to the vara? Kinda like I did to my @twin?
  2. Dominator / FMX
    It's been slow progress on this one. I get totally carried away with cleaning stuff, re-greasing and making it as good as a can.. It's starting to look like a bike now though. Well, kinda !!
  3. Transalp
    Hi all after having a break for 16 months and selling my bandit i will be back on the road after purchasing my first transalp a 54 plate bike i had a versys for 3 years so im hoping the riding position etc will be kinda similar ive done a few European tours on the versys and hope this will bring...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi, so I'm selling my gsxr 750 tomorrow to buy a 2002 RDo7a from a friend of mine. the bike is in pristine condition well taken care of. the owner is a specialist mech and has worked for both bmw and harley. Been on the forum for a couple of weeks learning about this awesome machine. now my...
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Anybody got a set of front discs for a 96 AT RDO7 ?? needing them kinda quick No warpies please :D:D
  6. Africa Twin
    So I'm adding to my to-do list - hence the recent spate of postings ) Task number, well, I've kinda lost fairing repair. The right side (see pic) front attachment point (where it bolts into the frame) has broken off. The previous owner, I think, kept on adding larger and larger...
  7. Transalp
    Does anyone sell stickers or t shirts etc for this forum? Not sure who looks after this ! Be kinda cool having XRV stickers on the panniers :)
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Ive been after an original-ish Transalp, but the search is looking to be a bit trickier than I thought. I would have an Africa Twin tomorrow if I could afford one, but I have seen this on Gumtree at £2k. Can any of you AT experts shed any light on this model? i.e. Blue seat indicates a...
  9. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Looking for a 600 Transalp, original-ish or 50th anniversary machine would be good. Loving the white paint of the first-ish machines. UK machine with V5 please! Would appreciate any links or if you fancy selling yours in the winter, please let me know - have sensible cash waiting :)...
  10. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I've recently moved out of London for a bit of country life, and one of the things I'm going to miss the most from London is the awesome service I got from Dave Wilkins in Penge. My Africa Twin died last night on the M1, and I had it dragged home to Bovingdon. So now I'm looking for a service...
  11. Chatter
    Honda's released some new videos on you tube, I quite like them, kinda gets into the spirit of why we ride. So, their Adventure vid might not get the thumbs up ( there is an Africa Twin in there ! ), but a good watch.
  12. Africa Twin
    HONDA TRANSALP '99 XL600V UPGRADED RALLY-ALP, not Africa Twin Dominator Tenere | eBay
  13. Africa Twin
    Hi, I haven't posted anything for several months, and now I'll probably upset a few purists with this! I kinda like it! ‘88 Honda Africa Twin 650 - ‘Whiskey Throttle’ - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes
  14. Dominator / FMX
    Ran into an old friend this morning: It's the head of my domi which went to the wreckers in 2011. He still had it lounging around in a basket somewhere in a corner of the (rather messy) shop. Given the typical RFVC crack between the plug and the valves, and the rather "salted" outside, it...
  15. Dominator / FMX
    I took my exhaust headers into work and polished them down to the metal and they turned out to be stainless steel. After starting my bike up this evening to warm her up before she was tucked in for the night, I noticed my headers were glowing red hot. Do they all do that coz it looked kinda cool...
  16. Transalp
    Anyone used sets of these ? i wondered how long they might last with mostly road riding at a normal kinda pace ?:thumbup:
  17. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hello good people. I hope you can help me out here. I know that the talk about tires are as good as talking about religion. but i am looking for a good tire, that last long on both asphalt roads and muddy forest roads, as i like to play with dirt. At the moment i have a set metzeler karoo 2...
  18. Transalp
    I've always considered the Transalps to be a bit dull but their dependabilty makes up for it. I was quite surprised at the weekend when 3 different bikers I randomly met were all very complementary about the Transalp. One commented how sought after they were ???? and how they hold their value...
  19. Transalp
    Seems to be the done thing nowadays when getting a bike, but as I've posted this in the Transalp section, kinda gives the game away. But......... TICK.
1-20 of 24 Results