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  1. Chatter
    Any one used them? Been out of the loop too long as I'd never heard of them. Saw a fb like me link and warning bells started to ring, thought it was a scam. On searching further found a few firms that sell them, ie Amazon. Any tried them? Found vie patch on Amazon which apply to the skin like...
  2. Bodgers Corner
    I've had no work this week, but to occupy myself, I prurchased something on eBay, which arrived this morning. A fibreglass repair kit..... wooohooooo, I've never worked with this stuff, and I'm having a ball, making a mess, and stinking the place out!! One added advantage is, I'm as high as a...
  3. Competitions / Trials
    From the WTRA site: Red Kite Enduro • April 12th 2009 A replacement for the Redkite rally. This enduro will incorporate a lap of about 11miles. More information to follow. Keep watching a mo! :blob6:. 'locks.
  4. Competitions / Trials
    Hi mudwiz were are you camping to for the red kite rally? I'll be caravaning with the family that weekend just outside builth wells @, your welcome to join us for a beer :thumbright:
  5. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    See here in "Competitions etc" section. This is a good first rally, being fairly easy going and 1 day. :D.
  6. Competitions / Trials
    Regs for the Red Kite are out. I'm in, its a 1 day event, supposed to be fast going, quite easy ground, very suitable for bigger bikes. Its also on a Sunday (Easter day), so there could be no need to rush off after, could be beers/chat and return on th Monday. My...
  7. Competitions / Trials
    As some people are thinking of entering some rally's for the first time and dont know what to expect i thought i would post some links for you to look at.................this one is on last year's Red Kite Rally. Enjoy:iconbiggrin: This is what your average rally will be like ...
1-7 of 7 Results