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  1. Coolant hose replacement advice

    Africa Twin
    I would like to replace my coolant hoses on my RD03. Honda parts are NLA. I was reviewing threads about the Samco or other aftermarket hoses and found threads that stated that some hoses were incorrectly sized. Those hose kits are pretty dear. Can't see paying that much for parts that are...
  2. Africa Twin Fork Extensions Kits & Rear Lift Kits

    For Sale / Wanted
    Due to demand I have put into production a new batch of riser kits comprising of from fork extensions with valves and rear U bracket. I have received several requests through Facebook etc and am having 10 sets produced. There are at least 5 sets available so if anyone interested to reserve a set...
  3. 88 Transalp top fairing swop for Africa Twin top fairing and lights, is this possible

    Ok so I've just got an 88 TA and will be sripping and restoring it over the next couple of months. What i am wondering is, is it possible to change the TA headlight mounting frame, headlight and top fairing and fit the AT headlight frame headlights and top fairing without too much trauma? Love...
  4. Any big bore Africa Twins out there?

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone. A few years ago there was a lot of discussion about big bore kits for the XRV750. The thread kind of tailed off, and I never did read of one that actually got finished at 850cc or even bigger. Are there any completed projects out there? cheers Steve
  5. Fork Rebuild

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Later in the year I will be rebuilding my front forks with progressive springs, in respect of the seals do I need to order one of these kits: Kit Contains: 2 Oil Seals 2 Dust Seals 2 Retaining Clips 2 Inner Bushes 2 Outer Bushes Or can I just order the seals? Also what fork oil...
  6. For Sale: Africa Twin Rsers Kits - Possible New Batch if enough Interest.......

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a couple of interested buyers on another forum but need 3 more to make a new batch. Prices are as follows:- Front pair of slugs £80 pair Front slug valves £14 pair Rear riser shock bracket £75 each Recorded delivery within UK £3.95 European signed for delivery £14.95 Because of...
  7. Lowering seat hieght

    I know that parts are difficult but I am seeking advice on lowering the seat height on my 2004 trans alp 650 anyone have or know where there might by suspension lowering kits or low seat. What is the thoughts on softening the preload on the rear shock and lowering the forks a bit I have a...
  8. Foot pegs for XL700 from other bikes

    Hi I am trying to find a way of adjusting the rider foot pegs position on my XL700. The stock footpegs are in my way when I stop at the traffic light and I want to move the 2-3 cm to the front or to the back. I know that SW-Motech had some pricey kits for the XL700, but are not available...
  9. Wemoto - OFFER: 15% off HEL Brake Hose Kits - 1 Week Only !

    Wemoto - OFFER: 15% off HEL Brake Hose Kits - 1 Week Only ! Share and Enjoy !
  10. Braided brakelines

    Dominator / FMX
    I have made new brakelines for my ol' girl. I did not want to use the redymade kits from Ebay as i want to keep the pipe piece on the fork, so only way was making them my self with Venhill fittings. I think the result look pretty good, and it make a world of difference to braking capacity. If...
  11. XL600 master cylinders - is there more than one size?

    XL Technical Specs
    Hi guys, Front brake on my 1985 XL600 was getting spongy so after trying the obvious brake bleed I've order a kit online to do the master cylinder, but it's about 1mm too small in the old diameter measurements. I then ordered a second kit (from a different place) and was sent the same kit. The...
  12. Standard headlight into LED

    Hello there I am quite new to the forum, but have been reading around for a while! I just bought my first TA 650, 2007. I would like to make myself a bit more visible by changing the standard headlamp into an LED. Does anyone recommend any particular one and do you need any conversion kits...
  13. For Sale: Krauser panniers K2 25 litre rack and brackets £130

    For Sale / Wanted
    Krauser panniers K2 LH 25 litre RH 30 litre rack and brackets £130 A pair of Krauser K2 panniers LH 25 litre and RH 30 litre with the ‘universal’ fitting brackets and rack. NOTE you will need to buy/make the fittings to connect the universal parts to your machine. I have the homemade fittings...
  14. Rd04 fuel taps

    Africa Twin
    Evening all, Both my taps on the Xrv don't shut off ! So rather than buy expensive replacements or repair kits I thought about getting and fitting in some other in line shut off taps. Firstly what diameter are the fuel pipes from the petcocks and does anyone have any other ideas or thoughts ...
  15. RD04 Carb Kits

    Africa Twin
    Does anybody know a supplier for refurb kits for the @T carburettors? Had a look at RR website but can't see anything listed. Tried phoning them but got no answer! Cheers, Mike
  16. Seized cam cover bolts

    Dominator / FMX
    Nothing about the SLR/FX phases me mechanically, except the first time I remove the cam cap bolts at the front of the head on a bike that's new to me. There are four with an 8mm head and one with a 10mm head, the bottom of the threads is exposed to all the crap thrown up from the front wheel...
  17. seat cover ideas?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hmmm, just noticed my vinyl starting to crack, so have to think about a re-cover - anyone had any experience about the kits on ebay - ranging from some smart-looking (in the photos) dual colour ones for 44 quid, up to some German replacements, where you send off the whole seat. As the bike is...
  18. RD04 Carb rebuild kits ?

    Africa Twin
    After and still having flooding problems with the bike and trying all sorts to clean them with fuel additives i'm going to bite the bullet and rebuild them. Also both tank taps don't shut off totally. Any recommendations for rebuild kits or any other advice on doing this would be...
  19. Racebikebitz @ silicone hose kits

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Racebike bits have got Silicone hose kits for @ in stock now and if you order before sunday use code NEW15 to get 15% off (they are £163) Products in Samco Hoses
  20. Eastern Beaver alternatives

    Africa Twin
    Is there much in the way of alternatives for the Eastern Beaver fuse box solutions and H4 relay kits out there??