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  1. Africa Twin
    In the process of replacing front sprocket and wondering if there should be shims behind sprocket so that there is no slack when putting locking plate on? There is some play in and out once it is on. No spline wear and it is snug when moving back and forth. My KLR650 has the same type of setup...
  2. Africa Twin
    I just received my new tires and figure I will change tubes as well and keep old ones as spares. Everything I have owned for years has been tubeless except my RD03 which came with new tires/wheels and my KLR650 which I changed eons ago. Want Heavy duty but not sure which brands are best. Any...
  3. Varadero
    Any recommendations for off road type foot pegs? Many that I have seen are wider than the oem, and I fear these will interfere with my big foot and the shifter. When I added off road style pegs to my KLR650, I had to install an extended shifter to make shifting as comfortable as before.
  4. Varadero
    I recently put a set of 30mm Zeta bar risers on my 2008 Varadero. On bumpy roads they will slightly rotate....and I suspect they would move even more under emergency braking. I have them installed correctly as per the instructions and I have them torqued as per the maintenance manual...
  5. Bodgers Corner
    Looking for ammo boxes for panniers, £26 a pair posted? I have just brought from here PAIR OF ARMY SURPLUS METAL AMMUNITION BOXES IDEAL FOR STORAGE/TOOLS 44Lx36Hx21D | eBay Bulldog put me on to them as he is using them on the KLR650 he is playing with at the moment. Robust steel weigh about 9 kg...
  6. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    This dealer has some interesting bikes for sale, including a BRAND NEW 2014 KLR650 US import and BRAND NEW 2014 DR650 US import. Also a Z900 for sale too! Bridgemoto Showroom | eBay Motors Pro
  7. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Mid weight simple Adventure Bike- now sorted Hi all, currently looking for something like: CCM 644, DR650, XT600, KLR650 (simple, robust, biggish, single) Close to Devon (wife getting fed up with long pick ups), Good solid condition, History, less than 25k miles, MoT Budget max £1500, what...
  8. Kawasaki
    2008 kawasaki klr650 , big K stopped importing the klr 650 in 2002 into the UK , after they said their was no market for duel sport motorcycles in the UK , while the rest of the world got the bike we had to do without , well ive been luck and found this its the only 2008 in the UK
  9. Kawasaki
    Well I've just bought another bike and before you say it.....No it's not another knackered Dominator Its a 1999 Kawasaki KLR650, its done 9500 miles from new (with service history and old MOTs to back it up. It sounds beaut with its remus endcan (also has the original) panels and tank are...
1-9 of 9 Results