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  1. For Sale: Honda SL230 for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1999 Honda SL230 7000 miles Excellent condition. MOT runs until Jan 2021. Comes with heated grips, screen and rack [not the tail bag]. Oil changed every 1000 kms. Recent battery. 85 mpg. geared for 50mph cruising. Bridgestone TW rear tyre and Tracker front with lots of tread left. Located near...
  2. 2nd gear rattle.

    Africa Twin
    Hello! I did a quick search in the forum but didn't find anything similar to my issue. My 2nd gear rattles quite a lot when I open the throttle throughout all the rev range. The rattle occurs only in 2nd gear and only during aceleration. I'm sure it comes from the gearbox and it's not something...
  3. Dominator 650 gearchange problem.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys. I've a '95 RD08 with an RD02E engine and reading 36000 kms, 6 months ago I bought my bike and changed the oil putting in 20/50. Within a few weeks the gearchange became poor refusing to go into 4th and 5th until the bike had warmed after a few miles, I've subsequently put 15/40 then...
  4. which oil for my 122.000kms Varadero???

    Hi mates, Ive been using lately the shell advance 10w40 ultra 4T. Last trip to Pyrennes I did 3500kms and I had to topup with 1/2lts . Last day of the tour I had a non-stop 800kms with arround 35-40 degress and my stator melted the isolation..., could it be cause of the lack of that 1/2lts...
  5. Stator issue

    Hello friends, just been arrived from a 3200kms trip arround pyrenees. When I got home after 800kms with arround 36degrees, my battery went almost flat. Ive been following the electrical fault-find pdf and the stator at 2500-3000rpm, two phases give me 55volts AC and one 75AC... Also, when I...
  6. Best Cruising RPM

    Hi mates, regarding fuel consumption, what will be the best rpm for cruising? Ive been riding my 2002 carbs at 2500-3000 and I can get arround 320kms for a 22lts fillup. cheers
  7. Parts replacement advice

    Hi, my Varadero as 115000kms on the odo and planing to make a 3200kms trip on it. Since I donno is history and by your experience what parts should I replace to garantie a safe journey? - Fuel pump - Manual cct - regulator thanks
  8. Worth importing?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Im new to this forum but not biking. Im just back from 2 weeks biking around Mozambique and South Africa. My mate brought me a 1988 XVR650 for the trip. Its in good original shape with about 60,000 kms on the clock. He wants US 1500$ for it. I understand they are fairly rare so is it worth...
  9. Wanted: Rear shock & seat for RD07a Africa twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking to upgrade the rear shock so I want something like the öhlins, wilbers, nitron in good condition. I have a OEM shock with a lift kit mounted from a 2002 with only 12.000kms on it if you want to "downgrade" and get some money :lol: I would allso like a better seat, I´m tall so I do not...
  10. For Sale: Yamaha serrow

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Serrow for sale 1994 rear disc model my wife's bike so not used much owned since 20011 all old mots tidy little bike , Gel seat fitted which was lowered when done as wife is only small 19500 Kms recent mot £1450 Ono
  11. HID bulbs making trip computer restart

    Hi all I have a problem all of a sudden whenever I ride in town and switch on my headlights my trip computer completely looses all power and the restarts. As soon as the AT has been running a few kms nothing happens to the trip computer when I switch on the lights. I thought that the HID...
  12. yss shocks.....

    Africa Twin
    i'm looking at replacing my rear shock after xmas, mine has 94,000kms on it and when its on the sidestand you can, with one finger, make the bike go up and down about 4 or 5 inches! i'd love a nitron one from rugged roads but the budget won't stretch that far:( my searches and a mate pointed me...
  13. Weird reoccuring problem...

    My 2001 Vara has a reoccurring problem. Whilst driving it suddenly loose all power and acts as it has ran out of fuel. And it keeps doing like that for some 50-100kms since it always happens when I'm on long distance drives with constant speed. If I stop and stand still it runs normal and...
  14. First Twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi, so I'm selling my gsxr 750 tomorrow to buy a 2002 RDo7a from a friend of mine. the bike is in pristine condition well taken care of. the owner is a specialist mech and has worked for both bmw and harley. Been on the forum for a couple of weeks learning about this awesome machine. now my...
  15. For Sale: Honda xl 600 lmf

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone , I have my big honda up for sale , it has just been mot today and has covered just under 24,000 Kms , It has a leo vince exhaust and it sounds great , recent tyre and battery bike is taxed and will ride anywhere , engine great , no smoke or rattles and bike rides very well , it is...
  16. XRV 650 worth getting ?

    Africa Twin
    Saw one for sale a few days ago 1990 57000 kms. Looks nice and original. Have the 01 AT. Is there enough of a difference between them to justify another one in the garage? Buy in haste repent at leisure and all that!
  17. NX650 Top End rebuild

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there, My Dominator has now just over 60.000 kms. It is true that it seems to use not so much oil for the mileage. I think the previous owner really took care of her. Due to the mileage I would just like to know if the engine is ok so I have several options: 1. Open the engine myself and...
  18. RD03 XRV650 Milage?

    Africa Twin
    Hi. Looking at a XRV650 for sale, is 71k kms a high milage? What to look for? Thanks
  19. What are the odds???

    Africa Twin
    I now own two 2001 Africa Twins... yes, TWO. I feel like I must be cheating to get this lucky. :toothy7: Both VIN's identical except for serial (obviously)... one with VIN 415573 and the other 415575! Basically they're brothers, err, dare I say it... Twins :laughing6: . Even more extraordinary...
  20. Replacement for things I have worn out...

    Hi, My 2006 TA has worn out a few bits so I'm looking for some replacements: brake rotors (all three of them) a rear shock I'm not wanting to spend a fortune but I am going to try and get another 100,000kms our of her. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I would be interested in a...