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  1. chain knacked

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there Noticed a horrible clacking noise from chain area yesterday, and on investigation looks like my chain has had it. So 2 questions. Is it best to buy chain and sprockets ? Will something like this do ? Honda FX650 VIGOR 99-02 Recommended Upgrade DID Chain & Sprocket Kit | eBay Thanks for...
  2. Regulator/battery problems on Transalp calling... help?!

    Hi folks, I'm new to the forum but have read a bit over the past 1+ yr (& 30 odd thousand kms), as I've been riding across europe, balkans, turkey etc. Now in Morocco and heading south (with the exception of Mali!) Anyway, I have an XL600 (99 yr). I knacked the regulator and battery while roll...
  3. front sprocket rattle

    Strangest thing happened. I got a rattle that I put down to the chain being dry, it didn't look dry so I cleaned the chain and re oiled it. Still got the rattle. Took the front sprocket cover off, then slackened the chain so I could check the sprocket. It was very slack on the splines. Cold...
  4. Lucky escape (theiving wise)

    Got up for work this morning and noticed the back gate open, thats odd i thought, we always shut the back gate so the dog doesn't get out. Then i thought, sh!t someones been in, i quickly turn to the bike and she was still there but with the cover up over the bars (the wind don't blow it like...
  5. Ham fisted eeedjit requires help

    Hi all, after taking wheel off to paint fork stanchions i stupidly, no very stupidly sheared not one but 2 of the 4 little studs at the bottom of the leg. Are these replaceable or have i knacked the whole leg. Now for the creme de la stupid creme. On replacing the caliper i broke the top bolt...