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  1. Transalp
    im on my 3 rd set of pads thought i knew what i was buying i bought EbC FA388, NOW THE PADS ARE DIFFERENT on the one im taking out the hole for the pin is at one end there is a square end for were i meets it resting place ,now the new pads have a cut out on the square end can still use these...
  2. Transalp
    Hi i was just wondering if anyone knew what length chain i would put on my Re-build. I have put an AT swingers onto an 87 Transalp frame, I think the AT had a longer chain than the TA due to the longer swingarm but no sure about this combo...
  3. Africa Twin
    Sold to Shrewsbury Honda about 1994/5, I traded it in against a newer Transalp, can’t even remember the reg no and this is the only photo that survives. Any body on here buy it ? I regret to this day selling it, if only we knew then what we know now.
  4. Africa Twin
    Went for a spin, popped round me mates and his neighbour showed up on the new @. Don't think he even knew mine was an africa twin. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Dominator / FMX
    It would seem that my starter sprag clutch has started to spit the dummy and wondered if anyone on here knew of a supplier ? Fleabay has several but a heck of a price :(
  6. Transalp
    Hello All, longtime lurker first time posting. Had my Transalp since Christmas, just taken my first ever road trip to Spain, pulled in to Salamanca and after parking up look what was next to me. Knew it was gonna be a good trip then! Met loads of other bikers and everyone agreed the roads are...
  7. Transalp
    Anyone here either changed the spring in the standard shocker, or changed it completely ?? I've added preload to my standard shock already which has helped, but it's still a bit lacking when loaded up with luggage. I'm reluctant to spend loads on an aftermarket shock unless I knew it was going...
  8. Transalp
    Hi Folks, I know this has been covered but I'd like to get a whiter bulb for my headlight but I can't seem to find one thats dip and main in one bulb. I may just be looking in the wrong places but just wondered if anyone knew of any. Thanks.:)
  9. Africa Twin
    New wheels wahooooooo I got my old rims returned as I knew they were not in that bad a condition. I'll take some pics and post later if anyone has cheese for rims and needs a set
  10. Chatter
    I guess many of you will soon or already have a spam email (thinly disguised as a newsletter) form our absent landlords in Canada. This has links to articles on (also owned by VS) and some links back to topics on the forums here. I'd just like it to go on record as saying that...
  11. Chatter
    I was just wondering if anyone knew how much the goblins sting you on import tax. To be specific I want to import 400 squids of accessories from the US of A . Any ideas? Cheers Dan
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone knew whether the 'outer' part of the exhaust is removeable from the silencer? The can itself is in good nick but as you can see from the photos, the polished part of the exhaust has a 1.5in wide rust spot. I was thinking, is this part removable in order...
  13. Africa Twin
    Just bought the A/T and I knew it needed a front tyre,it has TW152 on the rear and a TW101 on the front.Before you all shout at me about how bad Trailwings are I just want to know if I have to get another TW101 for the front or would another TW match the rear,i can get a TW41 for the front for...
  14. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hello I wondered if anyone knew of any events on the 21st Oct over the two weeks as I have just bought a AT and havent booked anything as yet. It maybe a trip back into Europe again but it would be good to go to an event either in the UK or Europe. Having had a GS / Tenere / Sprint and a few...
  15. Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know how to get in touch with backtracker? I read his blog about six months ago and it was this that inspired me to get one and try and build a similar bike. It seems you have to be invited to receive his blog and would like to have another look so I can start cutting off the...
  16. Chatter
    But even I knew straight away what it was. Seen in Ridgemount Street London in the snow today...
  17. Chatter
    Like so many MPs before it seems that Chris Huhne feels he is above the law. A few months ago he was protesting his innocence and today with insurmountable evidence against him he has done the 'honourable thing' and taken responsibility for his actions. Honourable thing my arse.. He was...
  18. Africa Twin
    So the day started badly with the sound of heavy rain on the conservatory as I wheeled the bike out. Then, within 600 yds of home the bike spluttered and stopped. I knew I was low on fuel so switched to reserve, only to end up with the fuel tap in my hand. Dark, wet and with no idea how it...
  19. Chatter
    Bill Tarmey, but lets face it, everyone knew him as Jack Duckworth. Bill Tarmey death: Coronation Street's Jack Duckworth passes away aged 71 | Mail Online Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  20. Chatter
    Clive Dunn bites the dust BBC News - Dad's Army actor Clive Dunn dies aged 92 Unlike Savile I'd like to think he knew "They don't like it up 'em"
1-20 of 39 Results