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  1. Other Bikes
    Help please honda 400 four. Guys got a problem the kick start won't engage the gear , any ideas how you fix that ,oh knowledgeable ones. If you guys don't know then know one does.
  2. Chatter
    Ok many mechanics are experienced/knowledgeable but when it comes to detailed info re a particular bike where do they go? Is there a book of info or do they phone or go online to get details .? anyone know and what do you have to do to access it ?
  3. Insurance
    hi all, well its that time of year [renewal] and having [a] checked me cover regards extras [b] found I GET bloody all [£100 max] from Churchill aka Equity Red Star. so beofre I go off on me travels [basically anywhere with all me stuff] value about £1000 total you know it all adds up. sat...
1-3 of 3 Results