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  1. Wanted: Cushion strut/arm for Swingarm on the TA XL600V 1998

    For Sale / Wanted
    Need the 3 way knuckle called the cushion strut/arm. for my Transalp xl600v 1998
  2. Susppension cushion strut/arm (the three way Knuckle attached to the swingarm)

    I really need one of these for my Transalp XL600V 1998, its the part in this pic that has no number ( the three way knuckle ) im interested in any condition as long as its off the swingarm, the reason I need one is the problem you can have with getting the damn thing off the swingarm. ;);););)
  3. TA Xl600v winter project

    I'm putting my 1998 TA xl600v on the ramp for a winter project with a view of it being my main touring bike next year. I'm trying to decide how far to go with it, so my question is has anyone repainted the frame before and what lengths did you go to? I would rather not remove the engine, but if...
  4. Please help me change my tyres!

    Hi all, I'm attempting to remove my tyres. 1, I need to replace them. 2, I want to learn to do it so I can do it on the road to mend a puncture, if I ever get to do that trip I dream off, 3, I want to refurb the hubs/spokes. My local dealer has conti escapes on the way (they told me the OE tw...
  5. Rukka Sizing and Basti stretch

    Just bought my first set of Rukka after 7years of Spidi. This time I managed to get some good advice in the shop and tried on from lower range and up. Ended up with a Rukka Basti set in strech cordura and including all the D3O protectors, also on the back. Kevlar strengtening on exposed knuckle...
  6. Honda SH125 thread

    Other Honda
    Hi all, I have checked and could not see a thread dedicated to the SH125/150 scooter from Honda - so I thought I start one. I am riding a SH125i ABS since September this year and use it mainly for my daily commute - 40 mile round trip. The little scooter is ultra practical and so far 100%...
  7. Nitron NTR Xtreme Shock for an RD07 / 07a

    Product Reviews
    The Honda OEM Standard Showa shock – has an 85 nm spring rate, 80mm travel on the piston ( I have been using 55mm of this), no adjustments apart from spring preload for ride height adjustment. The spring rate on any spring remains the same when compressed or unloaded The standard shock is...
  8. Africa Twin Suspension Linkage

    Africa Twin
    Just a quick question. Does anyone know if there is a difference in size on the linkage and knuckle between the RD03 / RD04 and the RD07. The shock length is different - so I am wondering if the linkage is different? I don't have the bikes in front of me so can't check...
  9. Totally rookie rider - some tech help wanted, any extra advice welcome as well

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello everyone! I very recently happened upon a low cost purchase opportunity. A friend of mine is moving to another European country for a new job and he was looking to sell his FMX 650. I've been on the bike as a passenger quite a few times, he's someone i trust (so i knew he wasn't lying...
  10. kickstart issue

    Hi all I was cleaning my newly aquired XR250 today, after a weekend trail ride, and noticed the kickstart seemed to have come adrift and was about to fall off, however, when I checked it, it was correctly fitted and fully tightened up. I'm not sure why, but it seems like it's 'hanging off'...
  11. Engine swap - any advice?

    Africa Twin
    Gonna be swapping the engine over soon - will be getting oil/filter/exhaust gaskets, have doused all nuts/bolts in wd40. I know about wrapping the frame up to avoid any damage - will be doing with 2 of us so hopefully a skinned knuckle shared is halved and all that - any special tools? Not going...
  12. RallyDay 2009

    latest news for anyone interested in all forms of rally from rallycross, rally, WRC to Rally-Raid.... Alister will be driving a Mitsubishi WRC05 and the latest Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX Group N rally car, developed and supported by MML Sports. John Easton, MML Sports Managing Director, commented...
  13. Pillion peg fracture and rear protection..

    Hi Folks, I have a 2002 1000V2 I recently took a slow speed tumble on some frozen mud as I passed a farm at night.. The good news is my trusty crash bars took most of the force.. as usual.. :thumbleft: however when i checked the bike at home, I found the right hand pillion peg had taken...
  14. Winter Commuting

    Been riding almost a year now, but started commuting about 25m each way in November, mixed town, A road and Mways, so wondering if any tips on keeping good visibility and warmer extremities. Already tried:- Pinlock - works fine with almost no internal misting I wear yellow tinted sun glasses...
  15. T/A plug change? easy!!

    well not too bad,certainly not the skinned knuckle swearfest i was expecting. this is the way i did it:-do the two "tricky" plugs first,you will then find as i did that some people dont! i did the front left plug first thinking it would be most difficult. lucky for me my bike has lost the mesh...
  16. Service Costs

    I don't fancy pulling the 'alp apart to give it a full 18k miles service so rang two local dealers for a quote. First was 400 quid, second was c.£300-320. To be honest, I was a little shocked, BUT they both quoted 5-6hrs labour and the 2nd dealer had the fitters backing off in horror in the...
  17. Oxtar Infinity

    Just bought a pair of Oxtar Infinity boots in my normal shoe size of 8 (42), and I can't do the bottom buckle up with thick socks on (even when I've elongated the buckle strap all the way). I can get them on with some thinner (still thicker than normal) socks, although I can feel a slight...
  18. Oil Leak

    Africa Twin
    Just discovered a small patch of oil inside the bashplate :roll: Upon further inspection it appears there is a very small quantity of oil leaking where the crank case halves join at a bolt hole location. The leak is no way serious enough to justify splitting the cases. I have cleaned it...