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  1. How to make Afrika Twin tank + fuel sensors work on Transalp with Koso speedo?

    Africa Twin
    Hello fellas. As some of you may know I'm working on a Transalp rebuild with a AT RD04 tank mod. Dealing with fuel used to be a straightforward thing but not anymore. The AT comes with two big wonderful holes for fuel sensors (don't have 'em yet). Is it possible to make these sensors work on...
  2. fmx/slr mix up

    Dominator / FMX
    bikes back on the road, jazzed the slr up a bit with fmx parts goes well, welded 65mm in the stand to cope with the new height koso speedo on and ready for winter :)
  3. KOSO water oil temp warning lights

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone tell me what temp I should set the water & oil temp warning lights to illuminate on a KOSO when fitted to an AT 07a?
  4. New water temp sensor wont fit

    Africa Twin
    Ok so fitting the new koso temp sensor, both same size and threads seem match yet new one wont fit it, swear it was size too big anyone have this issue with their koso temp sensors
  5. Temp Gauge

    Africa Twin
    On the africa twin, is the temp gauge for the oil or water? just be getting time in few days finish the project bike and i want fit the koso temp gauge to the bike
  6. Dash connector for loom

    Africa Twin
    Ok, anyone know where i can get the exact connector that the dash on the @ has. i want to wire my new koso dash up and put it into the honda socket so i can just plug it into the existing loom and not have cut and chop the loom
  7. Koso RX2 digital gauge/dashboard

    Africa Twin
    Koso RX-2N digital gauge/dashboard Click for video! CIMG1899.mp4 video by chronyx - Photobucket It took me a while to narrow down what was the permanent live, switched live, and neutral on the original trip meter multi-plug. I can only assume the remaining wires were related to the trip...