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  1. Africa Twin
    Any opinions on the speedometer overlays I have seen? I’m back in states with rd07a and would like to change speedo over to mph now from kph . This is a lot cheaper option versus full speedo replace. How hard if someone has done
  2. Transalp
    Out and about in Normandy today, check out the colour of that sky. With high temps of 5 deg and winds of only 25 - 30 kph, it was positively balmy,,,, Just a quick 200km or so to scrub in the new tyres, if this is winter, can't wait for spring,,,,,,,
  3. XR
    Does anybody know how to reset the digital speedo on a xr 250 (2001) from kph to mph the bike is an import I've had a look on other threads on different bikes on here but none seem to work
  4. Africa Twin
    Hello, So i have a Africa Twin 650 RD03. The bike seems to be running perfect and with no issues.. just had a full service inc carbs cleaned and re,jetted, also a compression test was done.. Anyway im just back from a 1000km trip, Two up and Fully loaded, driving 100Kph avg and i am getting 13...
  5. Africa Twin
    Has anyone ever tried to fit a digital speedo with a magnetic pickup inside the stock speedo housing? This could be a solution for keeping a stock look, but not dealing with that nylon gear packing up all the time. Also, it would allow for easily switching between MPH and KPH. Talk me out...
  6. Bike Comms & Audio
    i ordered this for a friend because he wanted one just for one trip with his missus. Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet Intercom 2-Way Headset Mic for iPod MP3 Handsfree | eBay at this price, even if it went in the bin straight away, its no biggie. turns out on his trannie (the bike, not the mrs!) he...
  7. Africa Twin
    Can anybody shed some light???... I replaced my speedo cable in September last year as the last one was old to say the least. The new one came out of the mount in the wheel and was ruined. So today I filled another new one, rode about 15 - 20 miles and that stopped working as well. I stopped...
  8. Africa Twin
    I'm in the process of preparing my RD03 for UK spec and am looking for option for the headlights and KPH speedo. I've scoured the net for MPH RD04 clocks with no luck as well as early RD04 headlights. I've considered trying to find a speedo overlay sticker with no luck either. I've got the...
  9. Africa Twin
    Passed with 2 minor riding faults. The first was nearly stalling on the slow ride with the examiner walking behind me. I couldn't see him so i had no idea if my slow riding was slow enough. Second point was for doing 48kph through the speed and obstical avoidance (should be 50) I was so...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi all can you tell me if I can fit one of those converter things to the speedo of my twin? ( a bit loathed to admit I have brought on without knowing if it can be fitted) thought I would ask?
  11. Transalp
    Hi I bet this has been covered but apologies, couldn't find it. Can I convert a 700 TA's speedo to kph when I go on holiday? Thanks Rob oops... found it dubhe Senior Member Join DateMar 2010LocationNorwich/PortsmouthPosts475Thanks11Thanked 6 Times in 6 Posts Re: 700 MPH/KPH SpeedoHold...
  12. XR
    Strange one this. I meant to mention it earlier whilst showing off my new bike but forgot. I went out for first ride on it last night and it seemed to be showing a much slower speed on the speedo than what i was actually doing. I was with a mate and didn't bother to ask him to do a speed check...
  13. Africa Twin
    has anyone tried this on ebay: AFRICA TWIN TRIP MASTER MODIFICATION on eBay (end time 12-Sep-10 11:57:12 BST) looks neat but anyone know of a catch or problem or even how to do it? ta!
  14. Africa Twin
    hi all, i have a decal on the speedo on my 916 ducati to convert to mph and now i need one for the africa twin. i've had a look on ebay but they look a bit tacky with coloured lettering and numbers, i just want a simple plain white numbered one, have any of you bought one or know of ones for...
  15. Africa Twin
    hi lads i have a german import but with the irish speed limits haveing been changed to kmph i need to change my speedo from mph to kph i think there is a sticker that goes over the mph speedo but not sure any help would be great as i an going faster than i should be [but its probably cause its...
  16. Chatter
    Any legal experts out there? In August I bought a 2 year old Harley (yes, well.....we all make mistakes, and this was a large and expensive one) from an official dealer. At the time it was fitted with a kph speedo for reasons that I am now starting to understand.....:banghead: The dealer...
  17. Africa Twin
    Does anyone out there know i can get a sticker to put on my speedo,in mph. My speedo is in kph. Cheers
1-17 of 17 Results