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  1. 2020 KTM XCW Lineup - New TPI model

    Everything Orange - KTM :cool:
  2. fork question

    Africa Twin
    How much, all in would a set of USD forks cost, inc wheel, disc caliper etc off a KTM640 supermoto/enduro and everything I need to fit it to my bike (RD04) and what could I get for my original forks, etc? Basically swap out the whole front end - labour aside - wopuld I break even?
  3. Swap: 2015 ktm duke 200 with dyna boost chip (unfitted)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am looking for a early 80s xr200r rolling chassis or full bike to direct swap for my duke, only bought the duke as couldlnt find the xr i wanted, duke sounds nuts and looks pretty radical with a rat look paint job and after market parts, needsa few tghings for first mot in october, just...
  4. RD03 Project

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I am in the process of rebuilding an old grandma, my RD03 that I bought 10 years ago for a trip to Magadan. That trip never happen since I got married (haha, it is not funny, it might happen to you too). This winter I started a hidden project, my dream bike restoration. I...
  5. Newbie to the Transalp world !!

    Hi All, just bought this, picture below. Its an 88 XL600VJ to restore. My son and I are going to do the Scottish NC500 this summer and I'll be using this when its done. He's going to be on his new KTM390 Duke as he is 19 and just passed his A2. Can't wait !!! :-D:-D
  6. To Weld Or Not To Weld

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Some of you might have a vague memory of a post I put up over 2 years ago entitled; "I Was Sold A Lemon" Long story short, the engine in my 'new to me' 1991 RD04 had an oil leak, was discovered the sump had a crack which was filled, dealer bought me a replacement engine, I had it...
  7. speedo conversion for wp48

    Africa Twin
    Hi! So, I've made the wp48 conversion with the single 320mm disc brake, the brembo calipers and the excel rim. The whole front end from a 450 sxf ktm. Now I've got a problem that I didn´t think of: I've got an analog odomoter and a digital pick up (magnetic) wheel and spindle. There's no space...
  8. Sold my AT

    Africa Twin
    After a long search for KTM WP forks I ended up with 2 sets - 1 pair was attached to a very clean KTM 990 I sold the AT. Probably a mistake I know. Today, I bumped in to its' re-incarnation!
  9. Hi all just like to introduce myself ,My name is Cy

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hey everyone I currently have a 2007 xr250L ,can anyone please help me with the stupid pipe work that comes off the carby ,that carby is so hard to find a pic of anywhere. it has a black plastic male connection coming off the left hand side near top for one of the suction or pressurized...
  10. KTM fork conversion fitting Rugged roads adaptor help

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know how to remove the lower triple clamp from a set of ktm 950 forks? I have the bearings off but the steering tube is stuck solid and my finger cant't take another whack with the lump hammer. Also when I get this off how do I fit the adaptor back in? Thanks
  11. Front fork change questions

    Africa Twin
    So, I've got a Xrv750 - 96 and want to lift it and at the same time make it more offroad capable.. I've been reading a shit load about fork changes but in no thread anywhere does it mention how much lift the actual fork change made? I've read about Honda, yamaha and ktm Forks, all of them...
  12. WP 48 conversion issues so far

    Africa Twin
    So, I might as well start with a brief description of whats going on with my RD07: Decided to upgrade the front forks for a WP48mm. It's an easy swap if you buy the whole front end set like I did. I got the brake pump + braided cable + caliper + forks (with braces) + wheel from a 2003 KTM 450...
  13. For Sale: 1999 xrv750 boano

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I recently bought this bike off a friend but have decided it's just not for me. He had spent a small fortune on it getting it to what it is now. I would say that the only thing that lets it down slightly is a few marks on the frame. I preferred my ktm 950 adventure and regret selling that...
  14. Wanted: KTM parts for fork conversion

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Managed to track down a good condition pair of ktm 950 Adv forks which has literally taken years of checking ebay now and again. I was wandering if anyone had also started doing a conversion and had any ktm bits laying about. I'm after: front wheel or preferably just the hub full front...
  15. Suspension upgrade

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys as the good weather is just round the next snowy corner and time to play will be upon us in no time, I’m thinking of trying to make some improvements I’m not planning a full fork swap for KTM stuff, but I find the front a bit soft, most of my riding will be on tarmac, and around...
  16. New Transalp from Honda?

    Interesting... Honda Africa Twin 'little brother' on the way | MCN ---- Honda Africa Twin 'little brother' on the way Published: Today 13:38 Ke nji Morita, Large Project Leader for the Africa Twin The Honda Africa Twin is a well-balanced adventure bike that’s perfect for two-up...
  17. Where have all the big trail bikes gone?

    Other Bikes
    I was at the NEC for Motorcycle Live this week, and whilst the pages of the motorcycling press are plastered with "Adventure Bikes", it was noticeable that there weren't any big trail bikes at the show. If you want to spend £20k on 125+bhp and 250kg of touring bike on long travel suspension then...
  18. Radial m/c for RD07A

    Africa Twin
    Managed to source some KTM 950/990 front Brembo calipers with brake lines So thinking of a better m/c. Know that a 2003 CBR600RR one fits but has anyone fitted a radial one? See that on the evil bay you can get generic 7/8" bar Chinese brake and clutch radials but wondered if anyone has fitted...
  19. Crashed '95 RD07 off-road and twisted up some front bits, what do I need now?

    Africa Twin
    Have a '95 RD07 I picked up 2 years ago for visiting coffee plantations and off-road in SE Asia and have been upgrading and modifying it from the crap state I purchased it in and recently I got it to a near "finished project" save for some farkles I have sitting on the shelf. But recently I...
  20. KTM duke, Installed new exhaust, when running blowing from connecting pipes?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi, So today i installed an aftermarket exhaust onto my duke, and after getting it all setup with some exhaust paste too applied to the inside of the linking pipe and the pipe that connects to the slip on exhaust, i noticed that there is a small blow coming from the clamps, on the linking pipe...