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  1. Porn for Kjell

    just to tease the others how about this for a new look on an old GS "quite like it meself"
  2. African Queens Rallye suit

    I have been looking through the African Queens site and the Rallye suit caught my eye.Rallye Team Anzug Komplett.As my German is crap all i can make out is that they are made from Cordura. Anybody used one of these suits and if so what are they like? i.e waterproof,warm,cool,protection etc. Any...
  3. End Cans - too many choices

    Africa Twin
    I am going to replace my original end can to get a more juicy sound My short list is as following in random order: Giannelli African Queens Inox Oval "TITAN" Remus Revolution GP, Titan, EG/ABE Leo Vince SBK OVAL EVOII ALUMINUM GPR Oval titanium Others? It´s so hard to choose between above...
  4. Calling all Germans

    Aren't the Germans great - I really love them. In fact I bet that if I leave the instructions for my centrestand here some really nice Teutonic chap might translate them into English for me :p ......did someone mention BEER ??? 1) Montage des Hebegriffs unterhalb der Beifahrerfubraste...
  5. Rear Shocks the definitive list??

    Africa Twin
    I am looking to replace my rear suspension. I have been browsing t 'ínternet and found the following: If anyone has any useful input please let me know because there is a huge difference in price between the contenders Price No.1 Genuine Honda GBP 176.00 inc vat Price No.2 Hagon Monoshock GBP...
  6. Official invitation to the Int. Transalp Treffen 2007

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dear fellow Transalp Riders, First of all... Happy new year with many safe Transalp kilometres! The topic was already addressed here in a previous posting, but in name of the General Members Board of I am proud to make the official invitation here for the lot of you: As...
  7. think your pitbull is tough?

    not as tough as my kung foo cat :lol: