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    Eh up ah kid whats with the name change then;) :toothy10: :D
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    Whats with the name change???? you going incognito with new SAS status :rolleyes: ooh shouldn't have mentioned that
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYMMY hope you have had a great day or so it says on faceache
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    Hi Peeps (Kymmy might be able to help too) I listen to Real XS (formerly Rock Radio - Salford based rock radio station) On the way along the M56 westbound or eastbound I lose the signal around the Frodsham Marshes, Ellesmere Port / Stanlow Oil Refinery etc between J12 and J14 The signal drops...
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    as it says HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYMMY have a great day :occasion4::occasion7::occasion5::occasion6:
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    Kymmy ! By the time you read this, another nice glass of someting being raised, and a bite of dark chocolate to celebrate the day
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    you been far to quiet lately girlie are you ok ????
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    :occasion9::occasion9::binky::binky::binky::blob::blob::blob::blob::blob::blob2::blob2::blob2::albino::albino::albino::tongue3::tongue3::tongue3::tongue3: You say it's your birthday It's my birthday too--yeah They say it's your birthday We're gonna have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday...
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    Right everyone.... Post something controversial.... Fire away... Lets force Kymmy over the 1000 posts tonight :rolleyes: (only 11 left :)) Anyways as I was saying, Josef Mengele's, misunderstood chap I though.... (LV... but out ;))
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    Have I caused a problem? hope not.... :D
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    Wot's a referral and how come I've only got one is it like a recommendation (or just another ASBO) :toothy8: