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    Morning all, I wrote a post a couple of years ago looking for my long lost Transalp, It's an XL600V, Maroon, Reg L461 VRV, last location was South Yorkshire & is currently SORN. If anyone has seen it or know of the current owner, would you let me know please :toothy10: :blob7::rolleyes...
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    BMW R65 Retro Motard by Mr. Martini Moto Special MrMartini Triumph moto custom customized motorcycles Edit: I tried to add some pictures, but I did not suceed.
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    Hi all. Nice forum you have here, thanks for having me. I think i'll be sticking around! I recently purchased a 2004 Honda XR125 L4 which am extremely happy with. It's a welcome step up from my old Peugeot trekker scooter! (Rest her soul...) There are just a few things I'd like to do though...
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    As the title states really. are there any upside downers and super-moto wheels that will fit my xr 125 l4? i was thinking of these, i think they are off a pulse adreniline 125.
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    Hi guys. Horrible thieves stole my xr125 i commute to work with, but two days later the fuzz got it back for me. Thought that was great till I heard I have to pay £150 to the company that towed it away from where it was found :( So I'm getting it back, and apart from some panel damage, its...
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    wondering what kind of fork oil to use as i wanted to change it to something stiffer whilst im changing to fork seals. also does anyone know the tappet gap? as they also need adjusting too. thankyou in advance!