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  1. 1986 xr600

    What's it worth?
    Hi All I have a 1986 XR600 in generally good over-all condition, don't think it would need much if indeed anything for M.O.T, runs away fine a bit of smoke on start-up but probably partially down to lack of use, would appreciate if someone could give a rough indication to value as have owned...
  2. which oil for my 122.000kms Varadero???

    Hi mates, Ive been using lately the shell advance 10w40 ultra 4T. Last trip to Pyrennes I did 3500kms and I had to topup with 1/2lts . Last day of the tour I had a non-stop 800kms with arround 35-40 degress and my stator melted the isolation..., could it be cause of the lack of that 1/2lts...
  3. Oil cooler

    Dominator / FMX
    This time last year I asked about fitting an oil cooler on my Dommie but got side tracked as I was having clutch and flatside issues and lack of funds to finance an oil cooler. Anyhoo ,the clutch was replaced and now works as it should and my flatside is dialled in now with the help of our...
  4. Still not firing up right...

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I've started rebuilding a AT in the autumn, but when I've started the bike suddenly stopped on M25 in the middle of the night and didn't want to start again... after 2-3 day it started, but firing only the back cylinder and the front is ...somehow lazy and the bike is miss firing with...
  5. LED WIng Mirror wiring to existing indicators - HELP!!!!!

    Hi All Been a while since I posted a thread, but before I took the plunge and had a crack myself, I thought I would seek some advice regarding wiring some LED wing mirrors into the existing front indicators. So, I don't need a resistor (that much I do know) but I don't really have any...

    G'day everyone, I have a loud metal on metal tapping sound coming from the rocker cover on my 82xr250r, I'm sure it just the tappets needing adjusting but I thought I'd post it here anyway just incase it might be something else. The 2nd thing wrong with my xr at the moment is 5th gear, I took...
  7. extended mixture screw

    Dominator / FMX
    i am thinking while I have the carb off to try to fix my lack of tick over to try to find an extended mixture screw as the originals are such a pain,I can find plenty listed for keihin FCR carbs but none for CV carb. Does anyone know are they interchangable or have a source for one for CV carb
  8. extendedd mixture screw

    Dominator / FMX
    edited double post,cant seem to delete it
  9. 700 Alp Service +Valve Clearance In Devon Any recommendations

    Hi All Have just been Quoted £430 for a Service Incl Plugs Brake Fluid and Oils + a Valve Clearance... As all the previous Services have been £99 + the Vodka & Tonic I have been pretty OK with Main Dealer service... But Strewth thats more expensive than a Landrover Discovery Service at a Main...
  10. Another tick moment

    I've been a bit of a test ride monkey of late, love my Transalp, but the lack of 'image' has seen me test ride a Harley Sportster, Triumph Scrambler, Ducati Monster. Even tried more practical bikes like the CB500x, the NC700x, the 750X, and VStrom. Through about going back to a big retro naked...
  11. The DFDS ferry line between Great Britain and Denmark comes to an end.

    The DFDS Ferry line Esbjerg - Harwich will close down the 29'th of september this year. Transportation of freights will be diverted to the line Esbjerg - Immingham. Transportation of passengers between Denmark and the UK will be closed down, due to lack of passengers and the competition from low...
  12. small bike for touring advice

    Hello I wanted the forums advice on a choice of smaller bikes for touring. Being retired I don’t have time constraints, the desire to go fast and I need to think about economy. My favoured choices just now are both Hondas a crf250l and a xr125l I am 16 stone and would be carrying perhaps...
  13. Complete strip down project.

    Hi guys, I've inherited a '90 XLR250 (MD22) that needs an engine rebuild due to extreme lack of oil..... As the engine's out, I've been thinking about a big bore kit and some head work, better carb and exhaust to get the most from the engine. I'd be very keen to hear you views on which...
  14. Bump stops for WP fork conversion

    Africa Twin
    Hi, New front end is in the bike (48mm WP). Anyone got any solution to the lack of bump stops? If anyone has made anything up to solve this, i'll happily pay you for another one... :toothy10: Otherwise advice is more than welcome... Cheers Slidey
  15. Licence to Kill - BBC3

    Did anyone else see the programmed "Licence to Kill" on BBC3 the other night? If not it is well worth watching. The programme is presented by Sophie Morgan, who was paralysed herself after a road accident. The only problem I have with the programme is the footballer's "momentary" lack of...
  16. How do you get over boredom?

    Boredom kills, fact Well I think I need to expand that statement, it kills my bank balance! With my bike in the 'waiting for parts' stage of a rebuild the lack of riding is starting to turn my brain to mush. How does everyone else deal with boredom, I just seem to get online and spend a bucket...
  17. xr4 speedo options?

    just picked up an xr4 with cr250 forks so no speedo drive or capacity for one. am i limited to push bike speedos if so which are best to use. or is there a more perminent speedo to fit the bill. iv used koso units on various streetfighters but not had experience of any others and with the lack...
  18. Oil filter help

    OK... on the R45 I have in my possession a new oil filter, big o-ring, shim and paper gasket I've dropped the dropped the oil and removed the old filter being really careful to note what came out and what order. Behind the three bolt cover is a big o-ring and the filter. No shim or paper...
  19. Nx650s camshaft help!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and would welcome some help with my wee bike. I'm doing a topend rebuild and am a little confused with my findings? The camshaft appears to have quiet a bit of lateral movement causing some damage to the camshaft location. There is a slot in the cam which would suggest...
  20. rear wheel instalation Q

    took the rear wheel off earlier to fit the tourance's. right pain getting the axle out but eventually did - i put it down to lack of grease. Anyway, i popped the axle back in minus wheel to keep everything in place and the axle wont go through the rear caliper past the axle thread. The thread...