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  1. 6th gear and fuel gauge

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I absolutely love my RD07a, really do, but find it lacking in a fuel gauge and also a 6th gear. Thought I'd ask the clever guys on this forum if anyone has done any mods to incorporate these functions. Thanks,
  2. Jetting up

    Following up on my post, honda xl125rc lacking power. Im wondering if increasing the main jet size would help. The carb has the standard 102 main jet at the moment, but the bike has a micron and a k&n, So my question is, how much bigger do i go !?? Anyone had any experiance doing this,. Thanks Steve
  3. Xl125 lacking power

    Hi all, My 84 xl125 rc starts & runs fine but lacks any top end power. Anyone got any ideas whats wrong. Ive changed cdi Checked timing New carb Its doing my head now ???? Thanks steven
  4. Work shift patterns - Good and bad

    Just wondering what people think of there shift patterns at work. At work we've been going through contract changes our department (engineering)was the last in the factory to get sorted. To get nearly 800 people changed over to what suits the factory has taken 18mths now and it's not quite...
  5. Biking highs & lows

    Many of us have swapped bikes over the years, some bikes performed above expectations & leave a warm feeling when you look back others may have been a bit of a dog. What have been your biking highs & lows??? For me the Transalps have done me well (there have been 5 1/2 of them now...) my main...
  6. The Game

    Well, I am of course referring to the Scotland v England game today. What can I say ??? As regards passion and commitment I can't fault our guys, just a pity we can't score any tries :D The English side were certainly lacking in passion for most of the game ;) Never mind, we have a young...
  7. Picked my (new to me) Transalp today

    Well I've just picked up a 52 plate Transalp and its certainly a change from the Bandit 1200 I px'ed for it. It certainly drops in to corners quickly but does feel a tad top heavy in doing so. Engine wise there is plenty of poke, though obviously lacking compared to the 1200 I'm used to. The...
  8. Which road tyres for my africa twin (rd07a)

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Sorry to bring the subject up again, but after looking at the forums on the subject my brain is numb!! I have always run OEM trailwings because I (wrongly!) assumed that factory fitted/recommended tyres are the ones to go for untill reading this would look like I am lucky...
  9. Electrical Woe...

    Africa Twin
    A couple of weeks ago when riding home at night along the M6, I noticed my headlights were flickering and dimming. When I stopped, the Tripmaster reset itself too. I thought it was the battery terminals loose, tightened them and thought I'd got it. Last week, it started, just, and the lights...
  10. Lured to the dark side

    Planning a few tips on my 2008 Transalp and looking at some panniers How much for plastic boxes ??? Anyway the shop has a nice 09 1050 Tiger. The TA replaced my much loved Fazer , although its a great bike I have never really adjusted to the drop in power. Not that I ever find myself left...
  11. Suffolk trails morning

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Saturday was a nice morning so with a few email back and forth, me a few of the guys from ABR got together for a ride round some Suffolk trails we could add onto a ride during the 'Xrv meets ABR royal wedding' event. Catchy title eh! Remembering the events on my greenlane training day with...
  12. Back from 4 week European trip!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We got back 3 weeks ago and all this snow has given us the time to sort photos out - although some of the snow scenes will now have lost a bit of their impact! Breifly - we had 4 weeks off, no set plan except a 1 way ferry to Calais - and make it up as you go along......we had a really great...
  13. Test rode a 700!

    I woke up on Thursday (was off work) & thought "I fancy a go on a 700 Alp" - I'm not one for test riding a bike just for the sake of it but have recently spoken to people who have experienced both & I have been left more than a little intrigued, so I decided to pop into Hunts of Manchester...
  14. Wanted: Spare or aftermarket rack for XL600R

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, as the title suggests, anyone got a spare rack, or had any joy with an aftermarket (or DIY Bodge) rear rack? Experiences, offers and pictures all most welcome.:thumbup: Mine is sadly lacking:rolleyes:
  15. slow starter ...any ideas

    Africa Twin
    Hi new poster here,.... I have a rd04 92 it has a battery about a month old ....from the start it never seemed to have much power to turn the engine,but because it starts on half a turn it wasnt a prob ...but only after 2 weeks it refused to start turning the engine very slowly ...I checked the...
  16. Wanted: VARADERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    well after getting rid of my transalp due to it feeling abit lacking on the motorways iv been looking at many different bikes and manufactures, and well iv come back to the good old Honda idea, but this time a Varadero 1000 :p i see it as just a bigger transalp but not really for the off road as...
  17. advice needed......................

    hi i need some advice..... i want a big, cheap, reliable touring bike. i dont want a africa twin or transalp as there motorway speed is just a bit lacking for me (sorry guys, they are still my favorite bikes though :thumb:) iv already owned a couple of transalps and just want a bit more...
  18. Best Transalp Fork Mod

    In an effort to improve the suspension of my US spec Transalp (along with converting it into a Africa Twin hybrid...we Yanks never got the AT) I embarked on a project to install XR650 forks and longer rear suspension. Some months later, I was able to find a DR750 Suzuki. These were also...
  19. Feeling Neglected??

    Africa Twin
    Sorry folks, I've been seriously lacking as an XRV member recently!! Had lots going on recently (good and bad) so I haven't been on much in a while but i'm back now and with lots of exciting news (if Pole hasn't told ye all already :D ) Anyhow expect some interesting pics and posts from me and...
  20. Urgent mission - The education of RussB

    The topic of conversation on the chatbox today turned to the new Red Dwarf specials being planned by DAVE TV channel for easter weekend FULL STORY HERE Now the young whippersnapper RussB let it slip that his education is severly lacking and he know nothing about this mysterious Red Dwarf...