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  1. Spotted

    Just spotted (well about 20mins ago) what I think was a RD04 and BMW 650 (? - maybe) both pannier laden, driving through Biggar - who are you and where are you going (obviously you won't be able to respond till you get to a computer / iphone / blackberry / pda etc) and can we see any pics of...
  2. Spark plug Heat range

    Mechanical Advice
    In the past I've always stuck with the standard recommended spark plugs. The owners manual suggests a cooler running plug for sustained high speeds. What is the advantage for this & moreso what are the potential problems for running with the standard recommended plugs at sustained high speeds...
  3. A bit of ownership feedback on my Buell Ulysses

    Other Bikes
    (I posted this on UKGSer,to answer a few GSers queries about the Uly) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just been on my GS for the first time after 1,300 miles on my Buell Ulysses Since I bought my Buell Ulysses,I`ve had a few PM`s from UKGSers...
  4. up, up and awayyyyyy.

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen biker? (sorry for the obscure monty python reference....... :D )
  5. Fitting a 45L Touratech Tank? Help!

    Africa Twin
    Well, I found something else to fit to the AT :D Got a "cheap" 45L Tourtech Tank which trying to fit. Everything going dandy, but not sure how to connect up the two fuel taps on either side of the new tank. Unfortunately got no instructions ... If a kind soul could either provide me a PTF...
  6. New virus

    just seen this on another forum PLEASE INFORM EVERYONE > > Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash and you will not be able to fix it! > > > If you get an email along the lines of "Osama Bin Laden...
  7. Hear the mighty Tiger roar!

    Other Bikes
    Ok, first attempt to link a video so bear with me! On the way home from the Stella I went over the Col de Galiber, fully laden, two up full hard luggage and a tent! Alison on back with small digital camera. The overall video makes impressive watching but too big for my website! I've edited...
  8. exhaust replacement

    Thought I'd share my experience of replacing the whole exhaust on my XL600V - the original system having neatly rusted away to nothing at the junction between downpipes and silencer (thanks to several winters worth of salt laden muck) so both ends had to be replaced. Genuine Honda parts were...
  9. Lowering Pillion Footpegs

    Hi guys and gals Having finally persuaded my wife to get on the back, she enjoys riding! We have have just finished a tour of Wales, bike fully laden, two up going over the Black mountains, Brecons etc etc, basically 8hr riding days. Does anybody know of kits to lower the rear footpegs so...
  10. New Tiger

    I actually bought a copy of the comic (MCN) this week as it had a piece on the new Triumph Tiger. I never really know whether to believe what's printed in it or the 'artists impressions' but, for the most part the new models don't seem too dissimilar from the finished product. Hopefully, with...
  11. I bought an @

    Africa Twin
    Well, i cruised down to M40 towards Hugh Endon's motorbike dealership near Oxford on my ZX6R, having made a deal the week before to buy an Africa Twin from them in px for my Kwacker. I had polished my bike before i sold it, the first time i had cleaned it since i bought it from new. She...