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  1. Piggy back to the Pyrenees.

    After a bit of a stressful few days we finally made it to Gavarnie. 5th gear on the motorhome gave up the ghost. Here's a couple o piccys. Dont blame me for the colour of the harness as it was picked out by the good lady Bill. Nick. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  2. Drunk drivers!

    I was watching t.v. the other night (10.30) when i heard a what sounded like a bomb going off outside my house,i went outside to find my Transit van 20ft further up the road from where i had parked it and a Ford Fiesta at right angles to the road with n/s front ripped off and my van looking like...
  3. Saved: Raped Africa Twin RD03

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks! I managed to get another 1988 RD03 to my collection of bikes. :p Sadly it's a raped old lady. (Sorry for the picture folks, but i can't manage to find out how to turn the picture when uploding.) My plan is to reinstall the front original lights,fairings and other missing parts. /A
  4. Happy Birthday Nick in Brum

    reached the ripe old age of 49 today , and dont look a day over 60 :D started with breakfast in bed , and now going for a ride on my bike with my good lady on this lovely sunny saturday , later i'll have some cake :p could things get any better todays special offer i'll be awarding a thanks to...
  5. My favourite forms of transport :-)

    All set for our trip to France, strikes allowing. Nick and the good lady Bill.
  6. For Sale: used mosfet fh012ab & connector blocks.

    For Sale / Wanted
    came off a running bike until a young lady wanted a triumph parked in her drivers door. Bike was running fine, i can temp swap with mine on the AT's to show output figures. I'd have it myself, but both twins are mosfeted & i have a cheap chinese copy for emergencies, though i've only heard of 1...
  7. little cracker honda vt250

    Other Bikes
    great looking bike being ridden by a good looking lady :cool:
  8. Who's that?

    Me and a mate went for a ride out yesterday to the Uffington White Horse and local area. We stopped at a pub I've been to a few times and proceeded to drink a pint of coke in the beer garden, enjoying the sun and talking bikes. Then this guy walks out of the pub with a lady (who turns out to be...
  9. A real adventure by a brave woman!

    Came across this today, seems as thought this plucky young lady has one hell of an adventure ahead of her. I think it's a very brave thing to do on your own, regardless of gender, and certainly takes a strong character to tackle such a challenge for charity. Steph sets off from the Ace Cafe on...
  10. Seventh Welsh Invasion. 2014 final list

    Welsh Invasion
    Hi guys. One week to go :cool::cool: this is the final list Stubbsie peterPan outrunner meesh hudders sharrie + J Phil + V Barftone frad + Catherine TBC Lord + lady V PaulS JohnC Hudders biatch BobA TBC Deano Steve Chad+Stevie Loggy Me + Sian Bazza Mudwiz Everybody who has paid up is on...
  11. Friday Night Meals

    Welsh Invasion
    It might be an idea Mike, to let the pub lady know how many are likely to descend on Friday - she asked if we could do this so she can plan staff etc - got a bit hectic last year and the years before As for the Indian - any one wanting to go this route it would be better to prebook too Could...
  12. Seventh Welsh Invasion 28th Feb - 2nd March 2014 Payment

    Welsh Invasion
    Hi people, it's payment time for Pembroke. You should all have had a pm from me giving details of how to pay. thia is my list of people coming Stubbsie peterPan outrunner meesh hudders nicklearse sharrie + J Phil + V Craig TBC Barftone frad + Catherine TBC Lord + lady V PaulS JohnC Hudders...
  13. Happy Birthday Lady Vader

    Happy Birthday to my lovely wife and best friend
  14. Seventh Welsh Invasion 28th Feb - 2nd March 2014

    Welsh Invasion
    OK guys, this is the list to date Stubbsie peterPan + Wendy outrunner meesh hudders nicklearse sharrie + J Phil + V Craig TBC Barftone frad + Catherine TBC Lord + lady V PaulS JohnC Wizard and his witch Hudders biatch BobA TBC Deano Steve Mike3xl+1 Chad+Stevie Loggy Any more? This is the...
  15. Paper driving licence to photo licence

    A lady at work is adamant that if you have a paper licence you have until 2015 to change it to a photocard licence. It costs £20 to do that. All I can find is that from sometime in 2015 DVLA wont issue any more paper licences and I think that means that after that date if I reported my paper...
  16. Happy birthday Sharrie and Austin

    Happy birthday Sharrie have a great day lovely lady , all the best :D:blob8::blob8::occasion8::occasion8::occasion8:
  17. Margaret Thatcher

    In my lifetime, never has a Prime Minister been equally loved and loathed. Love her or hate her, right or wrong, the Iron lady stuck to her convictions. So, your thoughts, and perhaps time for a new poll. :hitler:
  18. Finished this yesterday

    I work as a sculptor, mostly to comission and I seem to get a lot of the weird jobs. They are also my favourites. Can you make a sculpture of a grand Piano, full sized. 'Of course' is always my response, followed by panicking. Anyway we agreed a price, the lady was happy for to make it up as I...
  19. Oscar Pistorius, guilty or not guilty?

    Don't want to hear any jokes, a young lady lost her life after all but what is everyone's opinions, guilty or not guilty? It's so conflicting I'm interetsed to hear different perspectives
  20. love vs love of....

    Bugger... had an intersesting call from a friend of a friend of a friend today. Hey foz, are you interested in taking/guiding tourists on/off roading on motorbikes around Tuscany this summer for afew months. Bugger... My lady called rang an hour later, hey foz they accepted an offer on the...