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  1. Boboneleg will be pleased

    More Brits now drink cider than lager
  2. Help please!Hepco becker frames frustration

    Africa Twin
    Help needed has anyone got english instructions or some close up photos of how the hepco becker pannier rails that fit on the @ rd07 especialy the cross brace it seems to want to go up into the subframe under the mudguard is this right? i have retired to the fridge IN FRUSTRATION! to seek...
  3. caravaning verses camping

    After promising her who must be obeyed I finally gave in a bought a touring caravan,Yer i now what your thinking, Anyway we took it on its maiden voyage over the weekend up to builth wells, Brilliant weekend dry (inside the caravan), warm and great fun watching people bailing water out of...
  4. Buttermere Revisited...THE FULL SP

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thursday morning... Off I go to collect my bike from the local shop, that was supposed to have done the head race bearings. They hadnt done the job.. Bearing on back order. The bearings are not bad by any means. Get back home and start loading bike up. Then the delays start..... The new...
  5. Ok, own up who outbid me on Ebay for the RD03 ?

    Africa Twin
    I thought i was getting a bit of a steal on Ebay today for the RD03. I was imagining my ever growing collection RD03 together with my RD04 and Varadero. In the last few minutes the...
  6. HELP: I am abroad and fuel pump playing up :-((

    Africa Twin
    Hello there! I arrived in Holland today to celebrate my mother's birthday after quite a nerv-wrecking ride from Bristol to Harwich. It seems the fuel pump is not (or hardly) working anymore. I can manage 80 miles at 70 mph on a full tank (had this bl**y wind today as well :x ) Only just made...