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  1. C spanner for suspension

    Africa Twin
    Does any one in the Lancs area have a C spanner for adjusting rear spring on an africa twin I could borrow or know what size it is so I can order one
  2. The Daily Commute

    I've no idea if this will take off but following on from a thread that Whealie started where the last few posts have been pictures of the days commute. So, how was your commute today? Anything worth taking a picture of? I'll start the ball rolling (if it's going to roll at all that is!) This...
  3. For Sale: Table & chairs

    For Sale / Wanted
    We have a small/medium kitchen/dining room table with 4 chairs for sale in light pine, the table has a glass top, the chairs have white cushions. I'll post a pic up shortly. Located in Saltburn (Cleveland) or can bring to Lancs. Phil
  4. Wheel building - Lancs

    Mechanical Advice
    I could do with a rear wheel rebuilding as it's been creaking for a couple of years now & the spokes won't tighten. Anyone know of someone able to respoke it local to Leigh/Wigan/Warrington etc? Cheers, Phil I think Paul S knew of a guy in Warrington - you there Paul?
  5. black and silver vara with big silver top box on east lancs

    was it you giving me the friendly wave?? if so hello! Z:D
  6. Hoghton Sprint, Lancs

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hoghton Tower Sprint, Nr.Blackburn, Lancs. Watch some old buggers race up a hill. Take Earplugs. Get addicted to Castrol R. :p