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  1. For Sale: Varadero 1000 Sat Nav Mount

    For Sale / Wanted
    Suitable for 2003-2012 models only. Made of mild steel & satin black powder coating, supplied with stainless steel fixings & a genuine 1” Ram Ball. There is the option of fitting an additional 2 devices with extra Ram Balls. £50 including UK mainland delivery
  2. For Sale: Sat Nav Mount for Varadero 1000 2003 onwards

    For Sale / Wanted
    New, made from 2mm mild steel & satin black powder coated. Supplied with stainless fixings & 1 x 1" Ram Ball, but will accept upto 3. £50 including UK Mainland postage
  3. Rear wheel axle tool dimensions - RD03.

    Africa Twin
    It's been a little while since I had the rear wheel of my RD03 off, and now I want to order some combined tyre levers and axle wrenches. Can anyone here tell me the dimensions I need? I seem to recall that it is 17mm and 24mm? I am currently in Scotland, and my bike is back home in Norway...
  4. CDI connectors.

    Africa Twin
    I am ordering some connectors to renew and modify parts of the wiring loom on my 1988 RD03, but I can not seem to find connectors for the CDI. Does anyone have a reasonably priced lead on these? Also, I am at work in Scotland right now, so I can't look at the wires for my self, but from the...
  5. Africa Twin £2300 Discount & 0% PCP Deal

    Africa Twin
    Up to £2300 off all new Africa Twins, up and down the land at Honda main dealers 0% finance too and only £99 deposit down on a PCP deal Not quite as good as last year's John Banks Honda mega deal - but not to be sniffed at for just £99 down...
  6. For Sale: Baglux tank cover no bag

    For Sale / Wanted
  7. For Sale: Varadero 1000 coils

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a spare set of used coils for sale For a carb'd Varadero 1000 £20 delivered on the mainland UK Pm if interested
  8. ADV Scotland 2017 May Rally

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hello XRVers We have a few spaces left if anyone is interested in attending this years ADV Scotland Rally (Friday 26th May to Sun 28th May), located again at our wonderful location at Sunart Camping , Strontian . You can find more info here . ADV SCOTLAND OUTWEST RALLY 2017 Post here , or...
  9. XL650V lose power when driving in hard sidewind

    Hello everybody, and greetings from Finland! I have been reading a lot in this forums before, but today I decided to make my own profile. (Sorry my english) Today happened something that has happened to me once before. I drove my XL650V in hard sidewind. I think I can call it a storm. In the...
  10. Replacement CDI.

    I am having problems finding a replacement CDI for my sons bike. Its a 1986 Yamaha DT125 LC3. Model 35A/2AJ IHR. Its a Swiss model that has 22bhp so the standard LC1 or LC2 models are different. His bike has been sat in my living room for several months while he changed the tyres and brakes and...
  11. Free: 650 Transalp Bellypan, Grey

    For Sale / Wanted
    I bought this on eBay but the bike has now gone and I've got no use for it and can't be bothered to put it back on eBay. It's the grey version (not black as it appears in the photos) from an early 650. Here's the original auction: HONDA TRANSALP XLV 650 1999-2006 belly pan guard part number...
  12. passwords...sorted or is it just I'm a ....

    security issues a while back, ok, i understand. BUT, i only use 1 computer. EVERY TIME i try to log on, NOPE... wrong password, use forgot password, new tab, sign into my hotmail, open emails, go to site again, go back to email, wait, back to xrv land, sign-in using new password. An hour later...
  13. Mechanic for servicing required - Stirling, Scotland

    Dear All, Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the Stirling area who can give my Transalp a decent service ? It is currently immobile and I would like to get it roadworthy. Thanks in advance. GC
  14. transalp xl700va

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Just bought a 2013 xl700va transalp with 11098 miles on the clock ,i live in Scotland and just wondering if there are any little secrets i should know about the transalps,noises,temperature etc, to look out for, at the moment this bike seems to be one of the best ,fun,and enjoyable bikes I,ve...
  15. Exhaust can for africa twin

    Africa Twin
    hi guys. i have a 1998 africa twin and the original exhaust is leaking so i would like to put a race can on it to hear the proper sound of the v twin. a friend gave me a can off a vfr 400, would it suit as i dont want it to effect its performance. also i need a barrel for one of the front forks...
  16. Ex MOD Africa Twin?

    Africa Twin
    I would be very surprised if this is ex MOD, but who knows? We had DRZ400's at my last place of work which was the MOD. Looks in great condition and the miles, it's not even run in!!! Think the ad is 3 years old though....:rolleyes: Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 - MOD Sales, Military Vehicles &...
  17. Wanted: Transalp 600 crash bars, racks, risers & tall screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    Transalp 600 crash bars, racks, risers &amp; tall screen Hello all, My first post and wanting something already! Just bought a transalp Xl600V and after a few accessories... Crash Bars Pannier racks Taller front screen If you have any of the above please reply with a photo if available...
  18. ADV Scotland May Rally 2015 (everyone welcome )

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    ADV Scotland May Rally 2015 29th May to Sun 31st May 2015 Location : SunArt Camping Granite Square Strontian Argyll PH36 4HZ We still have a few spaces left for the rally at the end of the Month. If your interested you are more than welcome to come along to join in...
  19. 2015 MotoGP - where Uk Free to Air ?

    With the Qatari race one of the new season almost upon us ... And Cal Crutchlow currently second fastest in practice ! ... Can any XRV United Kingdom resident fans of MotoGP advise me of the how, the telly channel where and when, the 2015 season races can be viewed 'free to air,' whilst one...
  20. Fuel in remote Scotish areas not quite as expensive :-) 5p EU discount from 31st May

    BBC News - EU approves rural fuel rebate scheme rollout to 17 areas