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  1. Africa Twin
    Bidding stopped at £1650 on fleabay I stumped up £1850 at 46k miles. Every woman I know has laughed at the photo's and mentioned either Barbie or Jem and The Hologrammes. They are mostly mid 30's. it is 'Bold' but I quite like it. It seems sound, runs perfectly, starts on the button, handles...
  2. Transalp
    Guys I have just landed in Germany and picked up my 01 alp. I have no idea which way the choke lever is for on and off. It seems to make no difference to the idle speed. I think off is away from the rider and on is pull towards the rider?? Given there is also a petrol smell when the bike is...
  3. Chatter
    Wife just got a text from our daughter in Uni visiting friends in Glasgow -- " don't worry, I'm all right " turned on Sky News, a police chopper has just crash landed onto a pub near her digs. Bloody hell. hope there are no major injuries, but it doesn't look good :(
  4. Chatter
    Dude in a skirt and a turban but he sounds like lowflyer. the aliens have landed:toothy1:
  5. BMW
    86 000:- Swedish crowns that's some 300£ less then the 2012 F650GS Special edition... /Kjell
  6. Chatter
    Thought you might be amused by an email that landed in my work inbox today: > Hi all, > > Call for papers are now up for the CRAP 2012 conference on context > recommendation, analysis and processing held in Beijing this year. > Papers are due May 27, looking forward to your submissions. > >...
  7. Africa Twin
    Thought I'd give this a proper thread of it's own so it's easier to find. Continued from "The eagle has landed." As it's a German Import. :hitler: Here's a few pics so far. First day I got her went for a short spin around the block just to see what worked and what didn't. Head gasket is...
  8. Chatter
    He's back. He's safe. He's in good form. I'll let him fill you in at his leisure....... WELCOME BACK WHEALIE !!!!!!
  9. The Longest Day
    Well - took the long way back from Fishguard up the Welsh coast with Pete and overnighted at Bens Bunkhouse (Bens Bunkhouse) in Llanberis. Rob who owns the place kindly donated the cash for our stay to TLD :thumbright: so more cash in the pot. Nice view last night as well up Llanberis Pass -...
  10. The Longest Day
    Along with Sue and Martin! Hopefully. What a weekend eh! No longer virgins and now with faces to put forum names to????? Conflustered just trying to figure out how comin back took 2 hours less than goin yet we left from Waterford? Nearly forgot to say: Awesome event guys, feedback form...
  11. Chatter
    Hoping to pick her up on Tuesday:hitler::hitler::D all my bling is going to be powdercoated black dark tinted screen on order i wonder how much it coasts to have paniers powder coated black:rolleyes::D
  12. Chatter
    Here she is folks :blob4:. Actually she landed last weekend, but no sooner was she tucked up safely in my garage than the snow descended, followed by my going down with a sickness bug, so today was the first chance to introduce her to everyone. Started up first time, and I love her...
  13. Africa Twin
    Well, I disconnected everything, drained the oil/coolant etc etc etc My new best mate Joe arrived and we set to sorting the engine mounts etc. It all went quite smoothly and the engine left the frame without any skinned knuckles. Got the new engine ready, did the valves, they were pretty much...
  14. The Longest Day
    ...and taken off again... ...and landed again by all accounts, with a few of you :rolleyes: That is to say...keep an eye on your post boxes, all the merchandise went out in yesterdays post. Some of you will have had your goods today, others should have them in the next couple of days...
  15. Everything Orange - KTM
    My Akrapovics arrived today :D Will fit them on Monday.:thumbup: Any of you who have them noticed any difference from the std cans.:confused:
1-15 of 15 Results