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  1. RD03 aftermarket CDI set

    Africa Twin
    My bike has a pair of the M. S. Bike CDIs. Anybody else running a set of these? Digital CDI "Dual Line" for Honda Transalp, 140,00 €
  2. Africa twin service manual - free download

    Africa Twin
    Hello Folks! For anyone interested in downloading the service manual for your AT, go to the following site. The manual is in three parts and download is FREE!!!!! Good luck! PDF Moto Manual
  3. XRV650 RD03 CDIs

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone use these CDIs? Digital CDI-Pair "Dual Line" for Honda Transalp, 259,00 € :?:
  4. For Sale: GIVI: Monokey topcase E52 Maxia

    For Sale / Wanted
    In good working conditions. £65.00 plus shipping Please PM if interested. Many thanks Nic
  5. Camping Lago Apuane

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    During our Tuscan tour we stopped here for a nightt: Camping Lago Apuane - Campeggio in Garfagnana - Lucca - Toscana - Alpi Apuane Highly recommendable, very clean, excellent free services, splendid views and great value for money food. Family run and helpful management. :thumbup:
  6. Nice Elefant 900 lucky explorer available

    I understand this is primarily a Honda site, but for anyone in Europe looking for a nice low mileage Cagiva Elefant 900 in the sought after Lucky Explorer colours have a look here...
  7. If sharriebee would do charter tours.......

    :toothy10: Yahoo! :toothy10::toothy10:
  8. Get your wallet out!

    4-sale Original Cagiva 950 Rally from CH-Racing. 15.300 EUR at: Cagiva Elefant Rally als Enduro/Reiseenduro in Ansbach
  9. Lang Lang

    Did anyone else see the South Bank Show tomite, with the young Chinese Pianist Lang Lang My God was this guy good, that was just so outrageously beautifull to listen too, he has been playing the Piano since 2 years of age. Stupendous talent