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  1. Transalp 700 will not start after the break

    Hello everyone, I'm on the road and appeared to be less of a problem? Transalp 700 after a short break will not start,when i gave him throttle start up ... or if wait about 20 minutes start normal. I apologize for the bad language
  2. Trail riders lost!!!

    Watch what happens next!!! :toothy10: Warning strong language. ;) - Farmer goes Mental on a couple of lost Dirt Bikers
  3. runsbut won't start ddurrrrrrr!

    Dominator / FMX
    Honda Dominator nx650 | eBay English is not his first language:thumbup:
  4. RD07a rear hub or wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello and sorry for my bad english. I need a rear wheel or hub for my 2002 xrv 750 because my muscles are bigger than my brain. I destroyed my hub when i change bearings (photo). Shipping to Warsaw, Poland. Contact: @: -------------------- mobil: +48--------- (only polish language, english...
  5. Parrot with Tourettes

    WARNING: VERY strong language. Adults only! :teeth:
  6. RD02 Wiring diagram

    Dominator / FMX
    Christmas greetings from Denmark. I am working on my christmas wish list from Santa. I need a wiring diagram for my 1994 RD02, I have a sparky on standby ready to do my flat trackers loom and we need a colour diagram in english(not her first language) so she can get to work.:thumbup: Danish...
  7. So how do you like your new iPad then, dad?

    You don't need to speak the language (though many dark forces here do so) to get the joke: Made me giggle so hope it brightens up your Monday. :)
  8. Charley Boorman.

    Watched Charleys new adventure programme set in Canada last night with my 9 year old grandson who its absolutely crazed on bikes hes watched all the Boorman Magregor escapades. I think Charley might be taking a leaf out of Gordon Ramsays book there seemed to be an awful lot of the F*** word used...
  9. Punctuation is important.

    My daughter's homework comprised two sentences which she was to punctuate in order to give different results. They were; A woman without her man is hopeless and Pardon impossible. To be sent to Siberia (apparently written by Tzar Alexander III as a death sentence) Can you do it...
  10. Chad, Vaders & Sharries off topic *****: Language not work / child safe & may offend.

    Chad, Vaders & Sharries off topic *****: Language not work / child safe & may offend. Handbags at dawn??:D:D
  11. I like this NWS language

  12. Ants rant - dont read if not like bad language !!!!

    Well, i've fuckin had it this week - with car drivers and a shitty week of work :twisted: Sorry just need to get this off my chest. Those who commute in London may get it all the time, but this week in particular other car drivers have REALLY pissed me off :twisted: :twisted: :twisted...