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    Vaders relations ? note the state of the art laptop computer :D:D:D:D:D
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    As a kid, I spent many evenings with my dinner on my lap watching "Rhubarb and Custard" RIP Bob Roobarb and custard 1974 - YouTube
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    Appears if you use your mobile phone on your lap,kill someone and are a copper the law is different Death crash policewoman escapes charges because
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    I suppose it's worth a shot before I'm committed to digging deep! My current laptop is almost past it's sell by date, so I'm after a new one. I'd like one of the following (nothing else), if anyone knows of one for sale or has any leads... HP 2530p or HP 2540p i7 Anyone?? Cheers Bob
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    I was out with adimurp with his new to him DR350 today. Great fun on the jumps and these climbs are way steeper than they look on video. Climbs And Jumps - YouTube Then a lap of the bing A Lap of the Bing - YouTube All in all a few hours fun and no rain for once :)
  6. Product Reviews
    Ok we need to buy another laptop for under £300 just for web browsing etc anyone got any suggestions or have any experience with these cheapies. Thanks Marv.
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    There can't be many on this forum who sit with a hairdryer over the computer fan trying to jump start it into life. I did try opening up the laptop but it felt way too fragile for my clumsy meddling digits. So now I'm left with trying to poke a bit of wire through the vent to start the fan...
  8. Ride Reports and Pictures
    The 5th day of our trip to Scotland. It started with me linking up with my brother at Cambridge last Friday. From there we continued up to Boston on the East coast. From Boston up to Ridsdale, 20 miles under the Scottish border. The man sitting next to us in the pub that night started...
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    Just about to zap the laptop and load in everything afresh..... wish me luck everyone and see you on the other side. :D
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    From time to time I work from home. When I do I can sometimes manage to get 5 hours of riding in and a couple of hours work ... no, erm, er, I mean a couple of hours riding in and 8 hours work. :rolleyes: However, we have several secure servers and documents on them I couldnt access obviously...
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Oww. That sort of sums it up! Apart from that, a fab day. Daz and myself set off about half nine this morning. Quick spin to the site, it's really nice to have an event so close. (Didn't get up 'till about 9!) Sign on, "scrutineering", ie do you have a bike, a helmet and what tyres are on...
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    Not quite sure how to phrase this, but with all this technology appearing on bikes now, can they still be fixed with two spanners and a screwdriver, or is it a case of using a laptop and replacing a circuit board. Am thinking in relation to the BMW 850, 1150 and 1200 models. Just random...
  13. Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Cheap way down Part 1 I had taken the dog out for a walk on boxing day and thought how great it would be to go for a ride with the roads being empty but I couldn’t even do that since I had sold my Africa Twin a month ago thinking that I wouldn’t be doing much riding over the winter and it...
  14. Transalp
    Grabbing the plane tomorrow for Lisbon to meet up with Nick Sanders and the rest of the crew for the London to Timbuktu trip. I have attached a few photos of the bike loaded up and ready to go, can't wait to leave this dark and wet Irish weather behind. I will be bringing a laptop with Wi-Fi, so...
  15. Ride Reports and Pictures
    To celebrate Xmas '07, we organized a race meeting in Bologna more or less like the one in March. A 1 km race course to be repeated 3 times, the best 5 riders rode a 3 lap final race all together. It was snowing this morning, what a wonderful scenery with all those great bikes running around! It...
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    my monitors just gone tits up so i need to sort one or the kids will hijack my laptop:pale::pale: any idea on the best supplier i want to get new for things like guarentees etc ..but dont want to break the bank:rolleyes: cheers chad:D
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    :hello1: :hello1: :D :D :D Gotta laugh! I have just tried my laptop up in my crane and have managed to find a couple of unsecured networks!! yipee I'm bringing the web cam with me next week to see if I can get it going. I'm not sure if the signal strength is good enough for streaming but...
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    London Times Obituary of the late Mr. Common Sense 'Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having...
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    I posted a few months ago that we had bought a helmet cam from Amazon for89 quid for our work(motocross company) anyway its taken long enough to get round to it but heres a link to some footage from it if anyone is intrested in buying one...
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    I think i saw mudwiz on on the rydale the other week, as i recognised the bike on the way round the last lap on the last day. :rolleyes: pitty it wasnt in the pits as i would have had a chat! Fair play to you mate on that i think it was a lot harder than any one was...