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  1. [Video] A weekend on the border of Norway and Sweden (Lierne/Lappland)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I went camping in Lappland this weekend and testet my new budget action camera, a SJCam M10 Wifi. The video turned out quite well, with lots of crazy weather, cool sceneries, and various animal encounters. Take a look: Here's the complete route...
  2. Soon off to Narvik/Norway on the @..Will it make it ?

    Africa Twin
    Not long now, about four weeks and will be taking the @ two up with luggage through Sweden past the polar circle to Jokkmokk in Lappland and on to Kiruna then turn left to Norway and Narvik then down to Bodö and east over to the swedish east coast then south homeward bound. Worked out a rough...