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  1. Long lasting dual tyres???

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    OK Folks, Here it is. I'm living in Vietnam and I have a NX 650 Dominator and I'm looking for new tyres. The issue is I have to take them from the UK to VN to I want a LONG LASTING 90/10 road/off tyre. I've been doing some research and the Anakee 3 or Tourance seem to be the way forwards...
  2. Iridium Spark Plugs

    Africa Twin
    This link was posted on the Suzuki Van Van forum. NGK Iridium sparkplug dyno test by - YouTube The posts in the thread seemed to be all positive. They are also longer lasting so given the difficulty of changing the AT plugs (or one of then) i am thinking...
  3. Cotswold outdoors

    Today Sharrie and myself went to Cotswold outdoors tent show. We picked up a jackwolfskin time tunnel 3 and a Vango geodesic winter mountain tent, RRP in excess £650, we had both of them for less than £175. What a deal for two brand new tents. The one at Brecon mountain Centre is lasting all...
  4. For Sale: RD07/RD07a crash bars with fixings

    For Sale / Wanted
    *****SOLD***** As title, I have upgraded to a new set of crash bars with front light protector so have these spare. If you were being picky and want a mint set they could do with shot lasting and powder coating but not damaged. £40 collected from Huntingdon or London NW1 or £45 posted by courier
  5. 1989 Transalp advice

    I came across a Honda TA 1989 in Cyprus, which is heavily modified yet still looks good to me. I will copy the link to the bike. I own a AT RD07 and love it. I know very little about the TA's and wanted to ask if any of you can give me advice on this bike. Is it comparable in quality and long...
  6. Peak District protest 25 Jan

    Got this from TRF: The location is: Peak District National Park Authority Head Office: Peak District National Park Authority
  7. Who are Halfords trying to fool?

    One thing that really gets my pi$$ boiling is blatantly misleading advertising. Take Halfords for instance. They briefly doubled all the prices on their Pioneer car stereos back in June. Surprise surprise, shortly after this they started running a 50% off Pioneer car steros offer which seems...
  8. Newbe

    Howdee peeps just a quick hello, and to say im a new member of the forum, i have a 700 transalp i bought a couple of months ago and i can say im pretty impressed up to now, theres a couple of niggles ( i also run a 27 year old GL650 wing ) the finish on my transalp is not very good for a bike...
  9. Chrome-plating in the Uk

    Mechanical Advice
    Ladies & Gentlemen, A Maltese motorcyclist of my acquaintance has asked the following - "My friend Mike wants to chrome some bits on his bike. I was wondering if you know or know somebody who knows REALLY GOOD chrome platers in the UK who do a good long lasting chrome job on steel and...
  10. K60 scout which one to fit on @

    Africa Twin
    Thanks for highlighting the differences I. The k60 scout depending on the profile and size Dilemma now is when I replace the rear on the @ with a K60 scout which to fit 150 or 140? I use the twin mostly for trail use but plan to use it more over winter for commuting. The centre strip, I...
  11. New EU Legislation

    Don't know if this is already going round . This will effect everyone of you that rides a bike so please sign the petition and if you have time get out on one of the rides on the 25th sept . Not sure if this has already been posted up on here but ive copied from another site for those who...
  12. For Sale: Saekodive Strobe Light AL 13A

    For Sale / Wanted
    Saekodive AL 13A Long-lasting. Bulb life for approx. 500,000 times flash. For signal purpose. Notable to get attentions. One of the essential tools in diving to avoid accident of missing. With Swivel switch. Battery: 2 x alkaline AA-cell. Burn time: 10 hours. Bulb: Xenon bulb. High...
  13. RD07A '97- What spares for a West Africa trip

    Africa Twin
    Hello, I’m beginning preparation for my trip through West Africa. It will be a 5’500 km tour, lasting 2 weeks. Expected terrain is 90% tarmac, 10% gravel.:D The bike that I’ll take is a ’97 Honda Africa Twin that I bought 6 months ago and it now has 30’000km on the clocks. Beyond the...
  14. For Sale: AT Pannier Racks and Tyres.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I have a brand new, unused set of Metal Mule Pannier frames that I bought recently at a cost of £300. I fitted them to my RD07 (2001) but never used them with panniers. I've now sold the bike due to the curent financial climate. To forum members : £200 inc. postage. Checkout Metal Mule...
  15. Top ten adventure motorcycle tyres

    Found this on MCN..... Might be of interest to someone MCN Biking Britain survey: Top 10 longest-lasting adventure tyres - | Motorbike Tyres | Motorcycle Tyre Reviews | Tyre Advice | MCN
  16. Carole Nash boss walks to North Pole

    David Newman, boss of Britain’s biggest biker insurance broker, Altrincham-based Carole Nash is to trek 110Km across Arctic Ocean Ice to the North Pole to raise cash for Charley Boorman-backed charity Riders for Health. Riders For Health helps health workers in Africa have effective...
  17. Wanted: Needed: Rear Wheel AT

    For Sale / Wanted
    Greetings all. Just had the tyre off and was alarmed to discover the amount of corrosion on the inside of the rear wheel rim. Can't see it lasting too much longer. As it is my only means of transport I'm not really looking for a rebuild of the current one, rather a new one so I won't be...
  18. Laos 2009

    As part of a longer trip to S.E. Asia my wife and I spent 5 days riding to the ancient city of Luang Prabang and back. I rented an XR 250 from Jules Classic Rental in Vientiane for 25$ per day. The bike was in very good condition and well worth the money. Jules Classic Rental, Rent bikes and Car...
  19. Solid State kit for Africa Twin fuel pump.

    Africa Twin
    I dunno if this is interesting info or not - but there are solid state kits available for the stock fuel pump. KTM 950 Fuel Pump Solid State Kit - ADVrider The KTM 950's have the same (Mitsubishi?) fuel pump as the A-twin. And the same issue with the points eroding and the fuel pump generally...
  20. Which tyre?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Having recently acquired a 1990 africa twin i was wondering what tyres i should fit for road biased use. It currently has big knobblies on that make cornering 'interesting'... Need to be long lasting and cheap. Thanks