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  1. Givi vs MRA Vario

    Evening all !! Anyone here ridden a Vara with both Givi & Mra Vario screens ?? I have a givi on mine now, but would be very temped to get the latter, as I've had them before on other bikes and found them brilliant. However, all bikes are different, so thought I'd ask if anyones tried both. Cheers
  2. XR400 Steering Bearing Numbers

    Can anyone help with the numbers for the top and bottom steering bearing on a 2002 XR400? I see mentioned around the net and ebay both E32005J (25x47x15) and E32005/26 the latter being 1mm larger on the ID (26x47x15) So which do I need?
  3. Lat XR400 Case Colour

    Hi All Anyone know what colour paint is a good match for the late XR400 clutch and alternator covers.
  4. RD04 tyre advice

    Africa Twin
    I get the feeling this might have been asked somewhere before but can't seem to find an exact answer. I need a new set of tyres. After reading lots of opinions/reviews I'm thinking of giving the michellin Anakee 2's a try. Problem is, I don't think they do them in 130/90/17 for the rear like...
  5. So that's where that road goes

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I went for a short bimble today (only 119 miles) with new tyres and a new back brake. I set off from home (at which point it started to rain) travelling via the road past a resevoir to discover that the Highways Agency have finally laid new tarmac there (previously it came with tarmac banding...
  6. Honda Integra

    Other Honda
    Yeah, I know it's not an "Adventure" bike, but it is a Honda, and the engine feels a bit like a V-Twin!! I posted the piece below on another forum, and I thought someone may find it of use or interesting... Integra impressions. Well, I finally managed to get a test ride on an Integra today...
  7. For Sale: Suzuki GN 125

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling the GN to get something bigger. Details as follows: 2004 registration, 4 previous owners. 8932 KM (5550 miles) on the clock - it's not a foreign import but the speedometer has KM on the outside and miles on the inside. I have the last few MOT certificates to support the mileage...
  8. Crosstourer pics

    What a difference a few bits of plastic can make... The former being last years pics, and a bit of a fat sow. The latter being the latest pics, a lot sharper, and actually not looking all that bad. I still think it's daft to stick a V4 in an allroad, but oh well that's Honda for you. It'll...
  9. Purpose of the national?

    Past National Meets
    I've had this conversation with many people and get many different opinions but what do you think Is the purpose of the national to give as many xrv members as possible the chance to take part or to accept that by moving around a fewer number of members will attend but visit new places and see...
  10. Warranty Advice: legal bods to the rescue, please!!

    Hi from Poland. Before I head home I decided to post and ask for your collective advice regarding my dad's XL700V TA. He bought it new from a Honda dealer in 2009. He has ridden it in Sweden, France, now Poland (all in the summer), the M25 and London. That is about it. The warranty ran out...
  11. Generic starter relay?

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys, my starter relay burnt out as a result of reticifier failure. I dont want to pay the insane price that honda wants for a new one. After looking at the thing closely (from the outside from a non electrical point of view) the original doesnt look anything special, the on-unit fuse is...
  12. Easy Sunday.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a nice wee run down to the Lakes today, set off up the A7 to Carlisle then down towards Cockermouth tuning off at Bothel heading for Keswick. From there along through the Borrowdale valley and over Honnister pass to Buttermere where I turned right to go over the Newlands valley. A couple of...
  13. Crash bars for xl650v

    Hi folks. Just in the process of ordering some bars for the TA tonight and can't decide between the sw motech and the hepco and Becker that go around the headlight. Can't find much info on the latter. My worry is that the sw bars won't protrude enough past the fairing to protect it. Any help and...
  14. Unbelievable waste of money

    Couldn't believe it lat night when i got home and read this though April the 1st had come too soon BBC - New Police Tractor helps prevent agricultural crime All the savings and cuts being made and we have to waste money on this thing
  15. Deal on a LUMIX DMC-FT2

    Discounts / Deals
    Hi All, I had been in the market for a new compact for a while: my new requirements had been sturdy, adequate zoom, but with a wide angle. Enter the Panasonic DMC-FT2 with a 28mm wide angle Leica lens, just under 5x optical zoom, waterproof to 3m, dust and shock proof and good to -10 celsius...
  16. Thank-you driver

    As kids we were always told by my mum to thank the bus conductor (or latterly driver on one man buses) when we got off the bus. Well 100 years on I have have been using the bus a lot recently and I still thank the driver on the way off but imagine my surprise when I realise that others do the...
  17. No such thing as a poor dentist!

    Three weeks ago whilst eating a ginger bread man :rolleyes: one of my front teeth snapped off at the gum line, today I went to the dentist for it to be assessed (its my daughters wedding in 3-4 weeks so I thought I'd better) "Right Mr Harriman" he says, "We have 3 options here, either we can...
  18. Do i connect the engine crankcase breather onto the airbox and why???

    Ive been doing a rebuild for the last year or so and after fixing many issues such as the infamous bogging issue and a broken clutch spring stem i now have another question. When i fired her up and ran her with the hole in the airbox patched up, she ran a bit rougher as i hadn't compensated for...
  19. air filter. Honda oem or K and N high performance?

    I'm hoping to change the air filter on Alp 650 V4 soon with help from a friend (I'm not the best mechanically!). I've already bought a replacement original honda part from David Silver Spares but I was browsing the net today and was reading about a K and N high performance "oiled" filter. Good...
  20. rectifier regulator replacement

    David silver spares = £85 Wemoto = £77.50 Former is genuine, latter is pattern. Is there any benefit from buying genuine? I must admit for £8 I would probably fit the genuine. I've seen some advice regarding using a heatsink paste, which I can probably get from maplins, but also some have...