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  1. Fixed my neutral switch....

    I was told it was intermittent when I bought the bike, and had been checked out and nothing seen to be wrong. So, investigations were made, and I soon discovered it barely reached the contact point inside the gearbox. I’ll probably order a new one, maybe, and I didn’t want to leave the copper...
  2. Pressing crank bearings

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Greeting from the west coast of the US. I have been lucky enough to import a 1997 TA. The motor was blown and I'm starting the rebuild process. I need to press the crank shells out of the case and I was wondering what people are using or any tricks. I was planning on turning a pressing...
  3. xlv650 front preload adjustment

    Bit of fun this eve on the lathe :-) P2030024.jpg Photo by pedracer | Photobucket Springs uprated (shorter) by 10% not really enough, may go further later, oil changed for 10wt, will go to 15wt next. 63.4mm spacer.
  4. Why shouldn't cutting the lawn be fun!!

    Ok so I was bored tonight, now I have a racing lawn mower:D Next on the list of mods is a mini exhaust which I'll try and turn on the be continued. Oh yeah and if KTM made lawn mowers.........
  5. Urgent help required

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, in the **** a little. Stripping the clutch and i've found there is no thrust washer at the bottom of the basket, urgently require the thickness and outer dia of the washer if anyone knows?? Not to concerned with the internal dia as i'm thinking all it has to do is clear the shaft. Need...
  6. Few questions on my Twin Re Crash BArs

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know best way to straighten bent motad crash bars. someone at some point must had fairly hard fall as the left one is bent in and rubbing hard againt the fairing Also any of the spacers/bushes that so intetween the skidplate and frame around? i need get myself a small lathe
  7. Lathe

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi I am thinking of buying a small lathe. Usual reason - need a toy to play with! Never had one or used one but have seen some small model maker ones at a reasonable price. Uses - perhaps dressing bolts, small stuff - making a stud or bush nothing big. Any tips? Anyone got one for sale?
  8. Anyone got a lathe? I need some light turning work done.

    Mechanical Advice
    As title I have some aluminium that I need machining on a lathe, anyone here any good with a lathe? I can forward a pdf of what I need if anyone can help. Thanks Jason
  9. Machining out of true disc mounting lugs.

    Mechanical Advice
    Should this go in bodger corner?? Coming home from work a few weeks ago on my recently purchased Africa Twin I was aware of a kind of graunchy whooshing noise coming from the front of the bike. On closer inspection the the RH disc was out of true by around 3-4mm causing the brake calliper to...