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  1. Required : XL700V Repair Manual

    My farther in law has just got this bike and he wants a manual. Can you guys point him in the right direction. Honda XL700V Repair Manual
  2. grrr and Double GRRR !

    Went to Gzira for afternoon tea with the eighty-nine year old ‘Father-in-law.’ Across the road from his apartment, a motorcycle parking bay, occupied by a knocked over moped … grrr And no ****er had bothered to pick it up. Double Grrr ! So, of course, I went and did. Yours angrily incensed...
  3. about time...."filtering"

    Chatter :-)
  4. Mind your head !

    Nicked this from a Guzzi forum. Worth a watch just to see the dozy berks who ignore road signs. Enjoy! Les The Toughest Bridge in the World | Adask's law
  5. Why shouldn't cutting the lawn be fun!!

    Ok so I was bored tonight, now I have a racing lawn mower:D Next on the list of mods is a mini exhaust which I'll try and turn on the be continued. Oh yeah and if KTM made lawn mowers.........
  6. Reflective Kit - France NON

    Just come back from France where not one Biker wore reflective anything. As I'm going there soon on the bike I was expecting to have to wear reflective jacket or some sort of stripy thing. I thought there was a new law. Does anyone know the rules and if there is a law, do they just ignore it?
  7. Tigger combo in Cardiff

    Minding my own business mowing the lawn this morning, when a Tiger and chair went past. Just don't see combinations these days...... was it anyone on here? (Oh, and a DC3 has just flown over... it's turning out to be an interesting day!)
  8. The spirit of the law

    Seems to me that any excuse to get around the "spirit of the law" is currently in vogue - Sign error on M42 motorway may mean speeding let-off. If the signs were clearly indicating the speed limit currently in force, what does it matter that the font used on the display was not strictly...
  9. death by mobile phone

    Appears if you use your mobile phone on your lap,kill someone and are a copper the law is different Death crash policewoman escapes charges because
  10. France breathalyser law- Gone!

    Just seen an announcement that the requirement to carry 2 self test devices has been repealed/done away with. Sécurité routière. Les éthylotests ne sont plus obligatoires - In french mind..... :thumbup:
  11. More stupidity......

    ... this time from the Irish - admittedly in the back end of beyond in County Kerry - Irish Council in Kerry to relax drink-drive limit. And reported on the RTE website - Kerry Council passes drink-drive permit motion. In essence they want the law changed so that the legal alcohol limit for...
  12. how much should i pay for it

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys this is my first post my farther in law has a 750 AT its is the very first 750 model im not sure what year as i have not looked at the log book but im guessing 89 90 it in the rothmans cigarette style but i don't know how much its worth its in fair nic but did have over heating issues...
  13. Cheeky burglar!

    An injured burglar sued his getaway driver! Is this the most audacious thief? Disabled crook tries to sue getaway driver for injuries suffered during high speed escape from raid | Mail Online If you have time, here's the law report. Joyce & Anor v O'Brien & Anor [2012] EWHC 1324 (QB) (17...
  14. For Sale: At on ebay - Anyone on here selling this?

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just wondered if anyone on here is selling this bike (I doubt it) just had a right snotty reply about the condition of the output shaft!! Not that its for me, my brother in law is now looking to 'join the AT club' . Just asked a simple question if teh seller had any pics and got a right mouthful...
  15. mobile phone on a horse?

    I've just looked out my window and seen two horses coming up the road, nothing unusual in that as they frequently pass our house. The thing is the lady on one of the horses was chatting away on her moble phone, surely that's just as dangerous as driving a car while on the phone? I wonder what...
  16. Employment law question

    Do we have any employment law experts on here?If so could someone PM me please,I would like a bit of advise.
  17. This years bike show NEC

    Any of you guys going this year I will be up there on the Monday 21st of Nov,Just paid £16 for my ticket and two days later my son in law offers me two tickets he has given to him,I`ll bring them with me and try and sell them.
  18. Dr Law - mistaken identity - Doppelganger

    From the latest descriptions off the forum, red hair & Scottish, I thought I'd seen Dr Laws double at the RTTW .....:D
  19. Bike for Doc Law

    The Longest Day
    Mods i know this is in the wronge section but please bear with it:D ok as some of you are aware Doc Law needs a bike for the ride i have had a look around but not much to chose from at the mo i have found a BMW F650 Funduro but have no info about these does anyone know about these and if so...
  20. SODS LAW

    After getting my @,i decided to sell my bandit 1200,i have had it for over 2 years and done less than 2,000miles on it,so obviously wasn't getting used too much. It has never let me down once,even after being stood for months on end,always starts first time. It had been stood since last...