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  1. Mechanical Advice
    Not for a bike, but for my Coleman stove that is need of a bit of TLC after several years of being plonked down on wet grass etc. Hammerite would be perfect to stop any rust spots etc, but I do not think it is petrol proof? Any suggestions....?
  2. XR
    Just got a cheap LC4 carb delivered off ebay after studying this thread Edison approach to alerantive XR400 carbs - ThumperTalk Anyone on here done this mod?
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Okay - I'm getting a new bike and the AT has to go. A dealer has offered me a trade in - but I don't like his numbers. I haven't got a photo yet but: 52 plate - registered Jan 2003 50K miles on the clock. MOT until Nov. Just got new OEM fuel pump (I know) New front tyre (Tourance), Same on...
  4. Africa Twin
    So its finally happened, after chasing my mates around on their LC8's I got a deal to good to turn down and now have a mint 04 Black 950 sitting in the garage. I took the @ for possiblely its last run on the weekend and came home not wanting to sell it :D, though I'm sure thats the same with...
  5. Africa Twin
    Just bought an AT :) after many years spent in the wilderness riding all (road only) sorts of two wheeled machines - 400 fours, ducati 748, cbr600s, R1s etc. Last decent steed was a TDM850 which served me well up to 43k miles. Current stable is z1000 (needs TLC) z650 (being used) ZX7r...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    . . . headlights & mounting frame. Basically I'm looking for the whole front end of an AT to fit them to my TA to give it a more visible road presence. Be nice if the frame was straight, the headlights UK ones and the plastic cowl wasn't in need of too much TLC! Thanks for reading this...
  7. Africa Twin
    Found this on polish forum of Africa Twin ( ) 4 blokes from Czech are riding off-road in the Ukrainian Mountains - Karpaty Very nice movie :D
  8. Clothing
    Hi everyone does anyone own a pair of T.R.G. RALLYE LC3 Pants . I have ordered a pair size large from the local H.G. shop but they did not know what waist size they are . I am 34 inch waist 34 inch leg will they fit . fw750x:confused:
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    OK, just got back from the N.E.C Bike Show today, and here are a few thoughts. I will definitely NOT go again. Too many people, too expensive, too bloody far, too much run-of-the-mill stuff I thought the new Transalp, in the flesh, was even uglier than in it's pics posted here a while...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hello all I am new to this forum this is my first thread I live on Salisbury plain, so it makes sence (to me anyway) maybe not the long haired colonel, to have a suitable bike for the tarrain, I have just got an old AT it's done 50000mls so needs a bit of tlc Q when engine is hot the idle is...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Got no idea how true this is but i stumbled across it on the German @ site i got this off: "KTM has decided to fight of the highly anticipated BMW 800GS by launching a pre-emptive strike with their...
  12. Africa Twin
    giving the at some tlc in the sun this afternoon. Sparks, oil change etc.... and when I was putting in the new oil filter I noticed it was about 1.5 cm stubbier than the old one. DOH!!! Will it (the decreased volume) make any difference??
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    This may belong in the ride reports.. but it is really not bike related.. anyway at the Honda day the coolest thing there was the land rover used in the movie Tombraider.. I have always loved LRs and this is why... I soooooo Want one:D;):D:D And then there is this beast... the ultimate...
  14. Other Bikes
    been trying to hunt down some special bike bits for a new project and came across a few not so widely known bikes under development and few you may have just seen used in anger!! KTM LC8 2x2 drive...... A diesel Dakar raid bike... from EVA the proto type Dakar BMW from 1999. 1999 proto.
  15. Other Bikes
    Okay I admit it. Mr motocross had to go and look at a KTM 640 adventure. Mr. Sensible knew better. But Mr. motocross was really drawn to it as Its much closer to his old ride (Crf450R). Every time he sees an AT he wants to stick a set of excels on it, jack it up with a shiver USD, replace the...
  16. Other Bikes
    Spotted a project on ebay: Found lots of stuff about KTM 640s on ADV etc and whilst they're generally well rated people do regularly mention the reliability/maintenance, mainly in so much as they need a bit more tlc than a Honda. Anyone got any experience of...
  17. Dominator / FMX
    Bought an '98 Dommie last week, didn't really get excited about it, bought it to mess about on and keep my insurance running. Got it from a dealer for £1,300 and it shows 18,000 miles on the clock on an 'R' plate. I was a little dubious about the milage being correct and thought it may need...
  18. Other Bikes
    The newest member to the Faantjie family.:blob8: :blob8: Needs a bit of TLC but not major surgery. When is the next Salisbury outing??? If any clever people out there know anything about Aprilia Tuaregs please pm me. WANTED: Ignition barrel for the above:confused:
1-18 of 43 Results