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  1. Which exhausts ?

    I have decided to purchase a new set of exhausts for my 2012 Vara. My original choice was Akraprovic but unfortunately my few years of ummmiiiinnng and aaahhhiinnnggg means I can't get them now due to the main importer not having any left and not able to get them. The question I put to you...
  2. Dakar 2014

    Honda 450 Rally is the leading bike at the end of the first stage. Seems its a works team of four bikes. Eurosport 00:00 Monday.
  3. Some dog owners. I ask you

    Why do some dog owners just exasperate me? let me tell you. Round the corner from my house is a nursery and primary (infant) school and the footpath leading to and past it has always lumps of dog ****e lying around which no doubt will end up on some parent's carpet or inside some kid's mouth...
  4. Greenlaning in Bedfordshire April 27th Saturday

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Adventure Bike Rider is holding a small local rally in Bedfordshire on the weekend of the 26th April. I will be leading a off road rideout for a few on the Saturday. Anyone interested? I'll be on the GSA hopefully.
  5. can you charge the battery while everything still conected?

    Africa Twin
    Leading on from my other thread I have fitted the new fuse holder and fuse but battery flat. I have a charger and while the battery may be dead I want to charge it up but can I do this with it in place and all attached so to speak?
  6. 2012 National - Rideouts and potential ride leaders..

    National Organisers
    This is what I initially proposed, Thetford Forrest / Peddars Way Trail Ride Scenic Road ride North to the Coast to the see the Seals Scenic Road ride South along the Suffolk Coast Swift road ride that includes main beach highlights from both of the above. Possibly including Wells, Sheringham...
  7. Help me identify this part

    Mechanical Advice
    Can anyone help. This came with the XR in a box of bits but unlike the standard xr inlet manifold which is wide open it has a letterboxed restricted opening leading me to believe it's it's for restricting the power. Thing is the 400 is already low enough power to comply with the new rider regs...
  8. Steve McQueen advert

    Leading on from Kjells' Triumph edition for Steve McQueen fans how about this
  9. Stiff penalties for leading a ride out

    Imagine if you will, your riding along and some way behind you a couple of sportsbikes are giving it some welly. As they catch up to you the Police pull them up and because you are just ahead of them (but havant a clue whats going on) you are also done as they believe you are all part of the...
  10. 27mm leading axle front forks ?

    My son has bent the front forks on his crf100 (2004) . Does anyone know if the XR100 or XR80 forks are compatible? They need to be 27mm leading-axle. Thanks, Tom