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  1. Wanted: Varadero 1000 V2 lefthand fairing panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a lefthand fairing panel for a V2 varadero 1000 in the colour PB324C? Ideally I'm after a mint one.... But would consider a lightly marked one. Cheers Garry Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  2. rd07 lefthand brake caliper

    Mechanical Advice
    hi guys i am a new member . i bought my africa twin a month ago as a resto project . so i new it was in need of a bit of TLC but i have come to a problem? . i have remove the front calipers as they were siezed refurb them but as with most thing i have come to, the previous owner has missed...
  3. Wanted: RD07a left hand rear side panel like this...

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, had a low speed off on my way home from work tonight, slipped on wet leaves on a bend because I took the corner a bit wider than I normally do and ended up flat on the lefthand side with the bike on my foot, managed to get it out but it's now a bit swollen and stiff, most important of...
  4. Choke cables XRV650 AT RD03

    Africa Twin
    I decided to sort out the choke on my XRV650 as it was stiff and probably not working well. It will not start cold with no choke, probably because it is often many days between starts so junking the choke assembly is probably not an option although I will try and make some blanking plugs if I...
  5. Transalp needs work (welding)

    Hi, just joined this amazing site. My problem is that I have just bought an 89 Alp in reasonable condition, taxed, mot'd etc. Picked it up & it's quite vibey (loud can too). Got home, had a good root around & noticed that the lefthand frame front down tube is cracked, definatley needs welding...
  6. What does the next few weeks have in store for me

    Well just had 2 weeks holiday from work and was due to go back to work on Monday afternoon. That's all changed now, some months ago something exploded in my finger and left a small lump in my hand. Had a letter last week saying i had to phone the hospital (Treliske) for a telephone assesment for...
  7. Buffalo Dart jackets

    In September time i had a £20 Honda voucher so i spent it on a Buffalo Dart jacket for offroading I only wanted a cheap jacket for work and offroading got decent gear for long distance and bad weather also don't want to leave anything expensive in a locker at work. First time it rained i had...
  8. Bike maintainance - never ending

    Why does it seem to be never ending at the the moment always something needs doing. Had a problem with the XR dying on full lock to the left. Thought brake in cable around the headstock pulled all the loom out found one dodgy break in a cable so cut it and soldered it properly. Taped all the...
  9. Africa Twin Stickers/Logos

    Africa Twin
    Hi Anybody have templates for the fairing/front panels stickers on a 1999 rd7. Blue. (Both side, but lefthand side required at the moment) Mine got some scratches and Honda is a bit expensive. Thinking of having it made up. Have a great biking weekend! From a sunny Cape Town Africa Toon
  10. Choke dramas - again....

    Africa Twin
    Yesterday I discovered why my @ was stalling on full lefthand lock - its the choke cable for some reason. I disconnected it and it stopped the stalling, its also meant I can get a more level tick-over so good news all round, but, I want the choke to work as it should - I dont use it to start...
  11. Vara Radiator Leak

    Boys and girls, My friends Vara has inexplicably sprung a slow leak, in his lefthand radiator. It appears to be oozing at the bottom of the unit. The bike hasn’t received any traumas in the last year and a half, so it seems a little weird that it’s just started. My questions are: 1...
  12. crash damage

    hi folks does anybody outthere have a lefthand handlebar switchgear for a 1999 xr400. just flipped mine over and smashed the switch off for turning the lights on. the breakers yards don't seem to have any. any help appreciated
  13. Some road users AAGGHH

    Yesterday riding home round the Oxford ring-road I was amazed with the general attitude of car drivers to motorcycles, being the rush hour the dual carriageway was packed, speed down to less than 5 mph. It was great driving slowly down the middle, with my Zega panniers on too so a pretty wide...
  14. HID My Domie

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello All - New member here, Ste - but been lurking for a while and thought it about time to register! :) I'm in the final stages of adding HID lights to my Domie. Has anyone else done this mod and where have you placed the ballast? I've been thinking of using velcro and putting it where the...
  15. Removing the Alternator Rotor

    Africa Twin
    hey guys, Anyone got any tips on how to hold the Alt rotor still whilst losen the super tight lefthand thread centre nut. the engine is out of the bike and I cant seem to source a rotor strap from anywhere.