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  1. Lowering link for a 2002 Xr400r?

    Being a vertically challenged 5’7 90kg with 30” inside leg I might need to lower my (new to me)Xr400r a tad! ive bought a second hand seat and will be sending it off to get the foam shaved down a bit and a new seat cover but think it might not be enough! Was considering a lowering link but it...
  2. Wanted: XRV750 Front Fender (White)

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am in need of a white front fender for my 1993 RD07. If anyone has one in decent condition that they would sell, please contact me. It is one of the last pieces I need for my complete rebuild I am doing. I already have brand new white plastic lower fork leg covers, so I just need the...
  3. Modifying the rebound spring of the XRV750 fork

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I have some evil thoughts about cutting in half the rebound spring or even more - ordering custom ones to be made if all is OK with the shorter length. I am talking about part number 10 here Now this is because I have good sag set up now, but when I put fork emulators they will...
  4. Wanted: Front Brake Caliper Mounting Plate LEFT Side

    For Sale / Wanted
    Part number is 45210-MY1-006 or 45210-MAY-006 for XRV750 1999. I believe the same part is on the Transalps. This is the black plate that mounts the Left caliper to the fork leg. Like a complete idiot, I rode off with my disc lock still on, which broke the lower part of the plate when it made...
  5. Fork seals

    Any prefered brand ? 2010 700 a bit out of touch with who make quality product these days. front end is coming out as i have a slight weep on one leg and the headrace is a little notchy. got new koyo bearings and motul syntetic 10w oil just need some seals now. quite like the look of these...
  6. SLR Rear shock recommendations

    Dominator / FMX
    I am looking to replace trhe rear shock on my 1999 SLR and am wondering what my options are without it costing an arm & a leg?? Thanks in advance Tom
  7. Wanted: Transalp 600 low seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for a lower seat for my 97 600. Happy to buy or swap for a standard seat. The standard seat is almost ok, but the bike is going to an Uncle of mine (presuming he passes his test next month) who hasn't ridden for years and I'd rather he was fully comfortable on it as he's a...
  8. For Sale: XR 400 Exhaust Heat Sheild Guard

    For Sale / Wanted
    One only. Guy asked me to make one & sold his bike in between! 200 x 100 overall with long edges folded back 22.5 degrees. Mounting holes are clearance for M6. Made from Stainless Steel with brushed polish finish. Stand off bushed will be needed but suggest using oversize nut or similar. Thanks...
  9. Lowering seat hieght

    I know that parts are difficult but I am seeking advice on lowering the seat height on my 2004 trans alp 650 anyone have or know where there might by suspension lowering kits or low seat. What is the thoughts on softening the preload on the rear shock and lowering the forks a bit I have a...
  10. XR600 Choke plate??

    Hello. Bought my first XR today, I got it at a good price as its hard to start in cold weather due to the choke plate being removed. Apparently previous owner removed it as they can break up causing serious problems. After checking google, i see this is a common problem. I did get the bike...
  11. Presription sunglasses or goggles.

    I have decided to treat myself to a new helmet and goggles to go with the bike I bought myself a few weeks ago.:thumbup: I only use open faced helmets and was wondering if anyone here uses prescription sunglasses or goggles and could recommend a place to get them made up. I am interested in...
  12. Hi needed possibly right fork leg 1998 africa twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, NOT going to beleive this, bought a af about 3 months ago, now last few days discovered a oil leek, now first thought brake caliper front as oil at the bottom of that. Then checked took the pads out cleaned up NOT caliper, caliper now dry must be fork seal checked that off no forks dry...
  13. RD04 Fuel Pleasantly surprised

    Africa Twin
    Now the RD04 Marathon rep encourages me to thrash it so I've never really pootled along as I have almost always been on my one when on it Fuel at best has been 47-50 ish mpg max, a lot less that the RD07a but acceptable because it's faster than the RD07a Went out with son no1 (Dave) on his...
  14. Free: Now Gone: Transalp 600 front fork legs

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a pair of Transalp 600 fork legs going for free (just pay the postage or collect from Sheffield) They have the mudguard studs stuck in the threads and one has been drilled through at some point, The internals and upper legs are all fine PM me if interested or they go to the tip this...
  15. XL 600 LMF WHEEL REBUILD Wheel Torque Wrench Bit Size?

    I am just about to renovate the wheels on my 1983 XL 600 LMF and need a torque wrench for the spokes and a bit to fit, the head is an allen key 6 side affair, can anybody tell me what size I need to order and where to get a decent wrench that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I live just outside of...
  16. Wanted: AT right hand side fork leg slider

    For Sale / Wanted
    AT right hand side fork leg slider (outer tube) Number 17 in the pic. Mine is damaged inside from a worn bushing so if you have something please send PM with details
  17. JTS BIker Clothing

    Hi All I just bought a set of Cordura trousers from JTS Biker Clothing of Coalville near Leicester As I'm 6'3" with a long inside leg it was nice to visit a website that quoted the actual length of the leg rather than short, medium, long or extra long. I found their site really easyto navigate...
  18. Left fork leg cover

    Africa Twin
    Wondering if anyone knows if a later 750 left fork cover would fit on a 89AT? I like the looks of it versus the cover over the entire disc, maybe one from an RD04 possibly? Thanks
  19. NX Swing arm bolt caps

    Dominator / FMX
    If your looking for a cheep replacement i just fitted a 38mm one of these needed a tap home with a mallet so they shouldn't fall out and look ok ignore the used look of the bike in the photo :thumbup: Round Plastic Black Blanking End Cap Caps Tube Pipe Inserts Plug Bung Steel Leg | eBay
  20. Wanted: Silencer Leg Guard for RD07A

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for the silencer chrome bar type leg guard in good nick......... lug broke off mine! Cheers Pete