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  1. Looking for HONDA overland long distance LEGENDS

    Hi there, I'm looking for HONDA overland long distance biker LEGENDS for an online Honda ad. Does anyone spring to mind? Email [email protected] THANKS:blob8:
  2. RD08 Replacement Exhaust... Which One???

    Dominator / FMX
    so as title says im looking to replace the original honda exhaust on my RD08 Nx650 Dominator and it a later 2001 bike should be no probs i know that the earlier RD02 had diffrent rear silencer hangers but im looking for recommendations and heres the thing, its gotta be twin pipes i dont like the...
  3. Help with plug removal on AT and TA

    Bodgers Corner
    I have read the legends of what a **** of a job this can be so I lashed out on a pivoting ratchet spanner, about six quid on fleabay to go with the standard Honda box spanner. Damn glad that I did, I lose track of which was the most painful left front I think. A standard ring spanner would have...
  4. Achtung Spitfire.....

    Excited as on Friday I'm off to Germany on the mighty Busa.... Off to Celle/Hohne/Bergen-Belsen on the Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday off to Oschersleben to watch the German round of the World endurance championship to support the honda TT legends team - returning back to the uk on Monday...
  5. For Sale: Textile trousers 2XL

    For Sale / Wanted
    Got these Halversonns "Fokker" I think they were called and they are 2XL. They are for "big people" and havent fitted me since my gall stones escapade. They are 40/42" waist with comfort!! And the leg was always long on me and Im 33" inside leg and 5'11" so would be suitable for + 6'.. as long...
  6. Bol D'or 2011

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    just had a fairly fantastic weekend at the Magny Cours round of the 2011 world endurance championship.. A friend had arranged to fly from Northern Ireland to Gatwick on the Thursday, I collected her and after a night out with Jenny (my better half) and friends at a local Indian, we were up early...
  7. Rossi Chicken helmet

    In case anyone's interested Grand Prix Legends have sent an email, they are selling the Rossi Chicken helmet for £300 reduced from £550.
  8. Record mileages for the Transalp

    Hi Guys, What are the record mileages for the Transalp without any major engine overhauls on this forum? Ones that you've done or know for sure and not urban legends? I have a friend who claims he made 100,000 miles on his Transalp without even changing the clutch. Is that realistic? BTW: Hi...
  9. MCN XRV 650 rewview

    Africa Twin
    mcn had a little extra magazine this week, entitled 'Legends' :D the 650 was reviewed on the last page - sorry its not scanned too well - i should have taken a picture instead :toothy3: Bike is from RAP superbikes London for sale @ £2299 with 34760 miles (iti import) They mention our site...
  10. Ok kids, it's music quiz time!

    That's right! It's NAME THAT BAND! OR ARTIST!!! 270 pictures of classics, legends, one-hit-wonders and odds n'sods(some just plain odd). Ignore the pervasive ad rubbish and just click on the download tab that says "CLICK HERE TO START DOWNLOAD" (yes I was on MasterMind. Special subject: The...
  11. Duxford Airshows

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone interested in a possible meetup/rideout in July onwards? Web site - I can HIGHLY recommend this one: Flying Legends Air Show - Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July 2006 Been for the last couple of years, and the sound and sight of some of...
  12. XRV high milers

    Africa Twin
    I guess this is a perennial question surrounded by the dark arts but here goes.... Looking at the 'needs a new clutch' thread 70k is mentioned on an XRV. Can you all come back with your mileages/kilometres travelled on XRV engines. There seems a huge range. I read of ones that have only had...
  13. Wheeliebin and his bike

    Met one of the xrv legends. Got to say im well impressed with johns bike. Looks the biz, sounds awesome. Since he has raised the ta ride height I needed some platform boots to touch the floor. Its higher than a f650 dakar. It looks harder than a hard thing lathered in mud and them pukka...