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  1. clocks legit miles?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all ,i find myself still looking for the elusive AT.. I have come close but distance and time constraints have all worked against me ..Something i have noticed though it may be nothing but i wanted to ask the more knowledgable on this forum ..I remember from my youth that if the numbers on...
  2. Novel way for restricting bike for CBT!

    Bodgers Corner
    While trail riding in Northumbria last weekend, the party I was with bumped into a couple of local lads up from Newcastle. Intriguingly, one chap was riding an Honda XR250 (I didn't notice the model) and he told me he was riding it on L plates after passing his CBT. He said that he was...
  3. Grizedale Forest Trails - are there any motorbike legal ones?

    Just starting working in Ulverston (Mon-Fri), bit early to get out around the south lakes after work needs some more daylight........but planning ahead...are there trails that are legit for motorbikes (a trail bike, a Transalp or bigger) in Grizedale forest, hoping some of the fire roads are...
  4. Galloway Forest Park 2013

    Austin's Adventures
    Event now full Its on - off roading in Galloway forest. Date is the weekend of 29th/30th/31st March - that's Easter weekend 2013. Arrive Friday 29th, set up camp, socialise, eat&drink. Ride through the forest on Saturday 30th leaving at 9.30 to 10am. The ride will be about 120miles in total...
  5. Galloway Forest meeting 2012

    Austin's Adventures
    Its on - off roading in Galloway forest. Date is the weekend of 13th/14th/15th April. Arrive Friday 13th, set up camp, socialise, eat&drink. Ride through the forest on Saturday 13th leaving at 9.30 to 10am. The ride will be about 150miles in total about half of which is on forestry tracks...

    Africa Twin
    Dear all, my name's Bertie Simmonds and I'm a freelance motorcycle journalist. I'm doing a used road test of adventure bikes and would dearly love to include one of the best-ever big-trailies - the Africa Twin. Sadly, I've been let down by a dealer, but would love to include the Honda, if I...
  7. Great free indie film site

    Just stumbled across this film site: Free Movies Online | Watch Free Films | Indie Movies Online some great independent movies and documentaries on there, absolutely free. Seems to be legit too (before someone pulls the thread) - according to their faq anyway.
  8. Stolen Frame - Buying

    Mechanical Advice
    Advice needed please. I am after a new frame, I have found one on ebay. There is no number on the frame. The guy has told me that the bike was stolen 3 years ago and when he got it the frame no was missing. I'm not entirely sure of all the details but it sounds legit, like a returned stolen...
  9. help vin says cg125 on a honda xl!

    Hi bought a honda xl with a cg125 engine registered with v5 etc says cg125 on the vin plate is it legit any ideas as to what i can do only stands me @ £50 didn't run now it does nice bike want to use it on the road:confused:
  10. Introducing myself

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi folks, I'm Dogwheel, mainly because my house is called The Dogwheel, as it has a dogwheel, which is like a great big hamster wheel and was used to turn meat on a spit, many years ago, driven by 1 dogpower. I am of advanced years and therefore have too many motorbikes, mostly of little value...
  11. who's the guilty one white AT offroading 1st time at Martinsdown! Sat 25_1.00pm!

    Africa Twin
    Hands up! you were astray off roading for the first time in Blagdon Hill nature reserve, conservation area , by the A354, Salibury / Blandford Road - , early AT, white, from Christchurch, 1.00 pm ish. Possibly misled by a group of TRF off -roaders setting out legit horse trials!! Don't worry...
  12. Dodgy ebay bike

    Hope this isn't anyones on here. Set off alarm bells in my head. Looks like IMO it's had the frame number plate off a 750 put on it. The plate rivets look wrong. Everything...