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  1. I was sold a lemon

    Africa Twin
    Got some really shit news today from my mechanic mate who was looking at an oil leak for me. He discovered that the "fully restored" AT I bought had had its crank case welded together and he also found cracks in the casing. I'm gutted. Options are to replace the casing, replace the engine or...
  2. My Bike Safe course thoughts.

    I started to write this out Sunday and somehow pressed a few keys which closed down the browsing window losing everything I had written. Anyway here we go again, this time I have written this in a word doc and then pasted here.. As you may or may not know I purchased an NSR125 when I was 17...
  3. My 600 Transalp Rebuild Thread

    Hi All, After trying to find a nice TA for a while, I recently bought a less than ideal bike because it was local, cheap and I was getting impatient. The bike i've bought was advertised as a non-runner, it had a flat battery and a flat tyre. When I got the bike home I added some fresh fuel and...
  4. 2005 Transalp 650 help needed

    Hi, newbie to this forum and i come here seeking some help. We have a customers bike here in our shop that came in with a failed big end bearing on the rear cylinder. After rebuilding the engine, we are faced with the cause of the initial failure (that we didn't know about earlier). The bike...
  5. 2014 Bike Related Tales & Wisdom

    Merry Christmas to Everyone With Christmas Day knocking on our doors (or chimney's) and the New Year not so far away, I thought I'd start a thread about the year we're just about to leave behind. 2014 has perhaps been a good year for some, and a bad or sad years for others unfortunately. So...
  6. A new way to take your gin and tonic

    I am not a huge fan of Gin, mostly drinking it just to keep my wife company and and on warm sunny evenings when it really is just the perfect drink. While you were all having a food fight in Pembroke the other week I got introduced to a new complement to Gin and Tonic - forget Lemon, Lime or...
  7. Love it,Love it,Love It !

    Africa Twin
    Well today was the day I took my newly acquired A/T for a quick spin.I bought it just over a week ago and due to weather etc i've not ridden it yet (didn't do a test ride before buying :oops:),anyway off I go down the village and the bikes starts sputtering and dies,bugger I've bought a...
  8. I think I might have cooked too much!

    We tend to celebrate new year with a big family meal and a few friends on new years eve. Today its more of buffet and I have made all the following:Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup Aubergine and Mushroom Curry Tarka Dhal Red Pepper and Onion Dip Satay Sauce dip Onion and Tomato Raita Yoghurt...
  9. Pancakes

    Just eaten far too many Traditional style with lemon and sugar and sprinkles of currents Yum yum
  10. Pancakes

    I've just had mine with lemon, raisins and sugar. Made them fresh tonight. What did you have on yours :D
  11. Q: Yam`XV1600 any good?

    Yea, I know I could register on a Wildstar/Roadstar forum and ask if the bike is a Sweetie or a Lemon, but I kind of like this forum so I try here first. (Any former Cruiserpilots on here?) So, the Yamaha XV1600A Wildstar or Roadstar as it's known in the US. Is it a good bike for what it's...
  12. Cardo Scala

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Now we have 2 bikes we decided it would be a good idea to be able to communicate other than by vague hand signals or at stops. I don't fancy the autocom and walkie talkie option but the scala rider bluetooth devices look good. Has anyone got any experience of them? How well do the helmet...
  13. For Sale: A Few AT Bits

    For Sale / Wanted
    Right I'm skint and need a few pennies so here's a few bits I have lying around, all prices are excluding delivery and you're welcome to come and pick them up if you goes Custom seat (not sure who did it) approx same height as a standard seat but loads more comfortable, the...
  14. Recommend me some music please

    My MP3 collection is getting a little stale and the last time I asked for suggested albums a couple of cracking albums that I'd never heard of were forthcoming. So a few years on I'll try again and see what others are listening to. So... If you would care to recommend me an album that really...
  15. Insurance advice needed

    Right all you insurance officianado's and legal eagles I am in need of a little bit of advice. I decided to venture out weekend before last and meet up with grumpyoldgit and rockoz for a cuppa and a natter and had a bit of a knock on the way to the meet. The scenario goes like this, I come of...
  16. RD03 Value

    What's it worth?
    A friend has asked me what I think this bike is worth. I don't know much about 03's so can anyone give me an idea whether it looks like it's worth it? I know that you will not have seen the bike but a rough idea would be good. He will go and have a look to assess its condition and he knows his...
  17. AGAIN #4

    Took my Panzer to the MOT place the other day and the guy told me he nearly failed it cause there was too much play in the rear wheel:rolleyes:. Quick call to chad(which at the time was scooting around Scotland) and it confirmed my fears.No you can not just tighten it up,go to the Dealer. Well...
  18. What's on your pancakes?

    Well it's Pancake day today and the kids are ganging up on me to cook pancakes, so the question is: what are you having on your pancakes today? There's the obvious answers; cinamon, sugar and lemon. Maple syrup and Ice-cream. I was thinking maybe one of those pie fillings from the supermarket...
  19. Anyone in oxfordshire looking for a rideout on sunday?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'm down in Oxford this weekend, I've never done any green laning before, but if theres anyone around who's planning on getting some mud on their bike and doesnt mind a newbie like myself tagging along, i'd be more than happy to bring tea in a flask and some lemon zesty muffins. Cheers Tim
  20. I May Be Wee - But I can Deck Chad .......

    ........... Yes , it's easy-peasy , lemon squeezy!! I can take the big chap with one hand behind my back - simple ...... Watch and learn ........................ how the Wee blokes , reduce the big blokes to quivering wrecks ................... All you do...