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  1. Africa Twin
    3 day before my trip my facet gone and new pump will be late. Any one can lend me fuel pump or sold for trip. needs to be original honda pump. thank you
  2. Varadero
    I need to remove my current Nitron shock for a service yet still need to use my bike Does anyone have an old shock to sell/lend? Will consider anything! :thumbup:
  3. Africa Twin
    Who's done it and is there any tips for wheels that will fit and shrouds for tank to rads. I've a 95 here I'm thinking will lend itself well
  4. Chatter
    Having had an enforced period off the bike due to a knee op, I was thinking about how to get back once I am allowed on the bike again next month. It struck me that going from nothing to a quarter of a tonne Africa Twin might be testing the knee to its limits. I was thinking I might be more...
  5. Africa Twin
    We were filming in Spain for our Aim For The Horizon program/dvd and invited some friends over to come riding in spain with us. When Dean wasn't about I lent his AT to Craig Bounds (slightly unhinged Dakar rider and BMW offroad tutor). Have loads of pics but these two say it all. Dean wasn't...
  6. Chatter
    Would you lend your AT to a friend of a friend, who you've never met, so they can go on a 2 day trip involving an overnight stay, and do all this by adding this other fella to your insurance? I said 'no' but wonder if I'm being a bit mean-spirited.:confused:
1-6 of 6 Results