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  1. Hesitation/Surging at high speed around 60 to 70 mph is driving me crazy

    Africa Twin
    My RD07A is experiencing hesitation/surging from about 60 through to 70 mph when holding a steady throttle or when rolling back on the gas from a steady throttle in this speed band. You can accelerate through these speeds and it improves somewhat but never really goes away in this speed band...
  2. Wanted: LeoVince exhaust link pipe & bracket for @

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, I know this may be a longshot but here goes has anyone got a LeoVince exhaust link pipe & bracket for a 2001 @ they wish to sell? I have bought a titanium LeoVince SBK oval end can from ebay and would like to get a proper LeoVince exhaust link pipe and fitting bracket that attaches...
  3. 700 Transalp, LeoVince link pipe.

    hello boys (and girls), I posted on the XL700 forum on this yesterday, but it went down like a lead baloon :confused: try my luck here. this is how it looks on the bike: this is how it sounds: YouTube - Honda XL700, with LeoVince cat' bypass pipe. I also recorded a wee clip of the cat' on...