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  1. 2nd gear rattle.

    Africa Twin
    Hello! I did a quick search in the forum but didn't find anything similar to my issue. My 2nd gear rattles quite a lot when I open the throttle throughout all the rev range. The rattle occurs only in 2nd gear and only during aceleration. I'm sure it comes from the gearbox and it's not something...
  2. Une nouvelle règle Française pour les motocyclistes ... !

    Annonce de service public: Looks like All riders of a motorcycle, scooter, trike or quad in France will have to wear motorcycle gloves from 20th November 2016 onwards. And passengers will have to wear gloves as well. So don't get caught out if you've any trips planned through France, or else...
  3. What telephone phone?

    I am looking to buy myself a new telephone to make telephone calls on. I dont want any bells and whistles smartphone bow locks, just a phone to make calls on.:thumbup: Any suggestions...I might go mad and spring for a flip phone like they used to have in star trek.:D:D:D
  4. Let's be careful out there ...

    Thistles ...
  5. canisters size small ?

    does any one have or seen the black manual canisters size small, i had just got a ta 650 with blacks red bottles fitted to the back off them, one side is fine but looking for a small canisters,have tryed ebay but can only find the big ones :thumbup:
  6. Wanted: 700 'Alp

    For Sale / Wanted
    700 Transalp Honda pannier rails. Anyone got a spare set? Les
  7. BMW R1200 Nine T for 2014

    BMW unveils new model for 2014. BMW R1200 Nine T (To celibrate the 90 anniversary) BMW R 1200 Nine T 2014 - Fiche moto - MOTOPLANETE Les images officielles de la BMW R NineT 2014 - Automoto - MYTF1
  8. BAMW

    Went to have a look at BAMW website - gone! Hope that this is temporary and the guy is OK. Anyone hear anything about this? Les
  9. 700 Alp Headlight Protection

    Does anyone make a clear headlight protector for the 700 Transalp? The one with Velcro would suit but I can't find them anywhere for this particular bike. The wire mesh type looks tough (and dear!) but surely not...
  10. Roncar accessories

    Product Reviews
    Came across this via youtube. Looks very interesting stuff and also looks like sturdy set of crashbars. They are R$1064 which works out today at £341.45 A bit expensive, but loadsa protection ! Always worth a look! Les
  11. France breathalyser law- Gone!

    Just seen an announcement that the requirement to carry 2 self test devices has been repealed/done away with. Sécurité routière. Les éthylotests ne sont plus obligatoires - In french mind..... :thumbup:
  12. Elf and safety

    I love the way she has the toddler hold the baby, Les côtes de la Baltique - YouTube
  13. Downtime

    Hi Chaps and Chapesses, I'll be offline for a few weeks. My sister in Canada has just passed on. Les
  14. Should mods/admins

    be allowed to severely chastise people who don't read thread titles? :D
  15. Hurricane?

    Scottish viewers will have nae bother wi this, sorry nae subtitles.;):D Andy.
  16. Turkish Twin // LES OTTOMANNE AFRIQUE (anybody with french?)

    Africa Twin
    Les Ottomannes, Afriqué… Well so much with the stale french pretence. This babe is mine! Got her at 26,000 km 5 months back (my second africa)did some face lifting; benchmarked from bavaria and touratech obviouslly but added a flair of my imagination and there she is. She has an extra 5-6...
  17. les "jumeaux de l'Afrique" de Paris

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Bonsoir garçons et filles, Vu en voyage récent à Paris RD04 chez Rue de Rivoli RD07 chez Rue de Clingancourt Aimez-vous et laissez-vous! 8)