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  1. short brake/clutch levers

    Hi can anyone recommend some short clutch and brake lever sets. i'm taking my 600 off road and find the levers awkward and think shorter ones would be better. anyone fitted some? were they any good?
  2. Rear wheel axle tool dimensions - RD03.

    Africa Twin
    It's been a little while since I had the rear wheel of my RD03 off, and now I want to order some combined tyre levers and axle wrenches. Can anyone here tell me the dimensions I need? I seem to recall that it is 17mm and 24mm? I am currently in Scotland, and my bike is back home in Norway...
  3. Suggestions for RD03 Aftermarket Brake and Clutch Levers

    Africa Twin
    I'm looking at upgrading the levers on my RD03. Will aftermarket XR650 or other Honda model levers fit the RD03 or are they bike specific?
  4. Folding gear and brake levers??

    Question 1... is it called lever or pedal when its the ones controlled by your feet?? Question 2... Can anyone tell me where to get foldable levers/pedals for the Vara. Cant find any when searching the web.
  5. Adjustable brake & clutch levers on eBay

    Africa Twin
    Just ordered a set for $20.00usd and free shipping. I have no clue about the quality. Will report. 3D For Honda XL600 LMF 85-86/XRV750 L-Y Africa Twin 90-03 Brake Clutch Levers | eBay
  6. SLR650 short levers

    Other Honda
    Hi all I'm in the process of planning an SLR650 scrambler build & am looking for some short levers. Would anyone happen to know if the front brake & clutch levers are the same on a Dominator? If not, would the be the same on anything else? Africa twin perhaps or any suggestions on where to get...
  7. xr400 levers

    Hey there! I have an XR 400 '97 and I was looking for short levers both clutch and brake. I have found so many of them on ebay but they seem to be for XR motard models between 05-08 ??? Have anyone bought these and know if they fit on an XR 400 R ?? i.e. these Thanks!!
  8. XR650R Levers

    Hi, Can anyone suggest where I can find some shorty levers, preferably ones that work on the stock XR650R perches and that dont cost asv prices? cheers Andy
  9. Loose Handlebar Clutch/Brake levers

    Dominator / FMX
    As the title says my newly acquired Dominator has very loose levers as in vertical movement as if there are washers missing to tighten them up! Has anyone experienced this? If so what is the fix new levers/spacers to stop them being loose? Thanks Ian
  10. For Sale: Brake & Clutch Levers & Clutch Cable

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having done a bit of a garage clear out I've come across these bits. All genuine Honda bought from David Silver Spares. Bought as spares to carry when touring but having sold my AT last year no longer needed. 1 no RD07a front brake level part no. 53170-MN9-000 £35 from David Silver 1 no RD07a...
  11. Sore forearms and adjustable brake levers

    Africa Twin
    I am riding through heavy traffic in Norwich twice a day during the rush hour and do a hell of as lot of filtering, because I of this I have two fingers over the brake lever all the time. I've only been doing it for a month but have found my forearm and third and little finger throbbing/aching...
  12. Are the TL version of a tyre much tighter than the TT on a spoked TT rim?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Always had TT tyres on spoked wheels and fitted/removed /repaired them myself I'm now in the market for a new set of Avon Gripsters but the cheapest set in my required size are TL. Basically I don't want to buy tyres if they are likely to be a pain in the butt to repair on the roadside due to...
  13. FX650 Gear Lever options

    Dominator / FMX
    No matter what I do with it, after about 50 miles the gear lever on the 650 FX vigor loosens off on the gear change shaft. Tried cleaning out the clamp gap with minature file, using different bolts materials with various Loctites and still loosens off. Still changes gear but I want a solution to...
  14. Dont you just hate it when .....

    Africa Twin
    You cant break the bead on the rear tyre even with a plank on the side of the tyre and then the car on top ...... so i take it across town to use a mates tyre machine and bingo then pop a new K60 Scout on ..... drive home and fine its on the wrong way round :( Out with the tyre levers then :(...
  15. For Sale: Yamaha FZ1 Fazer, 2007 model, excellent condition with lots of extras

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Yamaha FZ1 Fazer, 2007 model, excellent condition with lots of extras Only 11000 miles Power Commander, Boss End Can, R&G Crash Bungs, R&G fork protectors, Carbon Hugger, Carbon Belly Pan, R&G Tail Tidy, Carbon Heel Plates, Rizoma Adjustable levers, Taller screen New chain and service £3995 can...
  16. XR350 Kickstarter Help???? What else fits?????

    Hi I recently purchased a 1984 XR350. The Kickstart lever is broken (been welded badly and beyond further repair) so Im wanting to know if an XR600 lever will fit or if any other XR/XL's KS levers will fit. My spline is 19mm diameter. Did Honda change the spline pattern on other models. I...
  17. Aluminium levers

    CRF - New Forum!
    My lad come off his CRF250 and bent the clutch lever nearly 90 degrees he's ordered a new one, so will the old one straighten up to use as a spare. Can you anneal aluminium, or will it just bend back without snapping, Cheers Mike
  18. Dog Leg Clutch Lever

    Africa Twin
    Wondering if anyone knows of any 'dog-leg' clutch levers that fit AT's ? I'm finding the original a stretch & in traffic or on longish runs, I'm getting 'clutch hand' :( I've got KTM WP forks & brakes with a short 'dog-leg' brake lever that's heaven to use... Anyone know if the KTM's lever can...
  19. xr600 kickstart interchangeability

    Hi all - about to pick up a 1989 bike but with no kickstart arm. The splined adaptor is still there and I hope someone could tell me if the other similar bikes have the same arm or not. It looks like the whole assy is unique to this bike? I see new pattern levers for £25 - 30 in the U.S. but...
  20. Wanted: transalp 650 accessories

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    ok, folks, bike to fantastic, loving it and want to get a few wee bits to add on. looking for a baglux tank cover / bag (silver or black or both) one of those nice folding gear levers (i know they are relatively cheap at touratech but i thought id try) wide folding footpegs (i shed a tear when...