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    As part of the doing away with the paper licences you can now check your driving icence details online you will need your national insurance number , if you dont know your driving licence number you can get away without that , it tells you exactly what you can drive and how many points you may...
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    A lady at work is adamant that if you have a paper licence you have until 2015 to change it to a photocard licence. It costs £20 to do that. All I can find is that from sometime in 2015 DVLA wont issue any more paper licences and I think that means that after that date if I reported my paper...
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    For all the wrong reasons, naturally. Urgent review demanded after driving licence security flaws. Apparently all you need to do to get a full UK licence is to swap your Hong Kong licence for a UK one. And there are some very accommodating people out there that can help you get a HK licence...
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    I have my full bike licence only, and want to start working towards my car licence. Do i need to apply for a provisional car licence, or does the full bike one cover me? i assume ill have to do car specific theory/hazard tests too?
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    The email below is circulating around our work system, issued by the Army Master Driver. I did not know that my photocard driving licence was about to expire - I thought that they lasted until I was 70! Please read and check yours; "DEAR ALL A Note from the Army Master Driver...
1-5 of 5 Results