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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted, lid for Touratech Zega 35ltr pannier. Happy to pay good money for one in good condition!
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I desperately looking for a front brake master cylinder for my 2001 Dommie. I completely trashed the screws for brake fluid lid and need to replace the whole thing now. No luck on Ebay sadly.. any one have a spare one?!?! Or someone have any suggestions on replacements that would be...
  3. Chatter
    Can anyone confirm if the mounting method for the Honda topbox, the one with the painted lid made by GIVI, is the same mount as a GIVI Monolock please?
  4. Chatter
    I have decided to treat myself to a new helmet and goggles to go with the bike I bought myself a few weeks ago.:thumbup: I only use open faced helmets and was wondering if anyone here uses prescription sunglasses or goggles and could recommend a place to get them made up. I am interested in...
  5. Helmets
    I've put my Arai Tour X3 into semi retirement after buying a new Tour X4 at the weekend. I haven't worn it in anger yet, it's still in the box. I've got a Yellow pinlock I'm going to fit to it whilst the visor is brand new. Here it is;
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Tool tube Army shell carrier. Never fitted to my bike. Length including lid 540mm. Outer diameter 90mm, inner diameter 85mm. very solid. Attach to your bike with a couple of long jubilee clips...
  7. Africa Twin
    i don't suppose anyone has a fuse box lid for an RD04? mine went missing the other night while riding, they don't list them on the parts fiche sites at all. i'll pay for it of course!
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Hello Does anyone know if there should be a cover/lid on the fuse box, on my 1997 SLR 650. There is not one on it but it looks like the box is made to have one ????? cheers Philo. :confused:
  9. Africa Twin
    Were would you guys recommend for buying a Helmet , gear in general online. Plus how can i measure my head for a lid. Thanks
  10. Helmets
    Hi All. I am new to this two wheel thing so be gentle. Are Simpson bandit helmets road legal or not. I am looking at buying a helmet for the 1st time and would fancy a Stig style lid, but I dont know what legal approvals to look for. Any advice is greatly accepted. wizard
  11. Africa Twin
    Has anyone tried a varioscreen or similar with the Boano ralley fairing? Stormforce and Chad, you're tall blokes as well, how do you find the wind noise? I did have a Powerbronze screen years ago which was reasonable, but looked nowhere near as good as the Ralley kit (Yup, I'm a tart!) Of...
  12. Yamaha
    Went into my local offroad shop today to get a new lid and this was down there for a service, someone has spent a lot of time and money on this beauty
  13. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Anyone know what this is? Found it in the corner of a field, middle of no where. Wasn’t locked, the door was counterweighted and came up really easily. I didn’t climb down it, the lid looked a little too likely to drop shut for my liking.
  14. Chatter
  15. Helmets
    Im looking at the Caberg Justisimo Nolan 103 AGV Longway and the Shoei Multitec that i cant really afford! Anybody got some advice on flip lids before i part with my hard earned cash. Looked at so many reviews and now well and truly confused...
  16. Clothing
    At a Lidl near you from 23rd Feb.... LIDL Great Britain -
  17. Helmets
    I'm after a flip front lid. I wear a Shoei at the moment and i know that they are now starting to discontinue the multitec as they realeased the Neo-tec a while ago now. jUst wondering if anyone has used the NEO-Tec and if th eprice difference between the 2 lids would be worth it just to have...
  18. Africa Twin
    Ok said ask around as been doing bit of a search I find that my Mx style lid vibes and buffets like mad ont he rd07 I have what looks be a tall screen over the stock. Am i better going for a taller adaptor on the screen or fit a smaller screen with a wid deflector or double buble sort of...
  19. For Sale / Wanted
    I'm binning by offroad / onroad lid as it's f****d but the visor is still in pretty good nick. The sideplates for holding the visor on without the peak have never been used. Both are being given away free, the visor may fit other HJC helmet but i don't know for sure. If you want it just cover...
  20. Helmets
    Link here, This tip come from UKGSER via ABR. Lids Direct have a 25% discount on Schuberth C3 and S1 Pro helmets. Also if you use the coupon code SCHU20, you get a further 20% off! I have just bought an S1 Pro (£450 retail) for £270 plus a fiver for delivery...